Warhammer Online shutting down 3 servers

Mythic has announced that starting on February 9, players on the Iron Rock and Volkar servers of Warhammer Online in North America will be allowed to transfer their characters free to Gorfang, while European gamers are allowed to transfer their toons from Carroberg to Drakenwald for free. This is being done for the purposes of shutting those three servers down and concentrating populations on the remaining servers.

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Chris3992814d ago

This one should be F2P already. Too many other decent subscription games out and in the pipeline. It's an embrassment to WAR. Even RIFT has better (and coined from WAR) PVP, and that's all WAR had to call it's own.

Spydiggity2814d ago

RIFT is the same game basically. expect to start hearing this same news about RIFT within 6 months of retail.

lucifon2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Too many WoW-style hotbar fantasy MMO's on the market now. They're always the next big thing for a week or 2 until everyone gets bored and goes back to their original game. Usually I always jump on the next big MMO to see if it'll grab me but I'm just not even bothering with Rift, I know the enjoyment will only last a couple of weeks.

Would love to see some more innovation in the genre.

JamieReleases2814d ago

Aye, going F2P increased Lord of the Rings Online revenues by almost double, I'm sure it could do the same for Warhammer too.

Spinal2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

lol i'm surprised this game is still alive. I remember how empty areas were when i reached level 20 as a marauder. I had faith in you warhammer an you failed me so I returned to Good ole WoW.

Spinal2814d ago

lol maybe true. But that is a play style and we can't force people to play a certain role.

Everyone wants to 'DPS' these days. Including me tho all my melee classes have tank spec as Off spec.

WoW still has alot more going for it gameplay wise than many MMO's i tried. I got Aion, Age of Conan and Warhammer and played em for about a week an returned to WoW.

I got high hopes for Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR. Tho i know my PC game of the year will most likely just be Diablo 3 :)