Gameloft are now blatantly.. and I mean blatantly.. ripping off Starcraft 2

Gameloft are no strangers to claims of plagiarism and over the last while have ripped pretty much every AAA title that you can think of into mobile format.

However in this latest step they may have bitten off more than they can chew. Their latest title called Starfront: Collision is a 4 player iPhone RTS title which doesn’t only take some cues from Starcraft it pretty much copies the game entirely and changes a few words.

In the official trailer below you will get to see the 3 different factions you can use. These are Terran The Consortium, Zerg The Myriad and Protoss The Wardens.

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WobblyOnion4885d ago

I'm divided. On the one hand, Gameloft's iOS games are pretty good facsimiles of games that would never make their way to apple's devices. On the other, if they actually used their talents to create something original, they could make potentially make something incredible for mobiles.

GavinMannion4885d ago

I do agree, the game itself looks awesome but it's such a blatant copy that I can't bring myself to buy it...

Ognipode4885d ago

I don't get it though, why don't they jsut license the actual Starcraft name and elements and then make a gazillion dollars more?

GavinMannion4885d ago

because I doubt Activision or Blizzard will be open to sharing the profits

TekoIie4885d ago

I doubt they would admit Starcraft to be a Warhammer 40k rip-off as well. I like gameloft, make good mobile device games :)

Spinal4885d ago

LOOOL +agree and bubbles. Well said. I feel the same way.

Vherostar4885d ago

If activision thought it was a rip off it would have never made it this far in development. They would do anything for money including sueing.

Ognipode4885d ago

Yeah, but if they aren't open to sharing profits then they should be MAKING profits by releasing their own version. I guess they are too busy counting all of their money to care about making any more of them.

What do you do in this situation then... if people want it, and Blizz don't wanna make it... then maybe Gameloft is doing what people want.

Chromer4885d ago

is that even if ActiBlizz wanted to do something about it, they really can't. You can't call foul on a game that looks like yours if there is no way to point it out other than Gameloft actually using SC2 assets in game. How do you think movies, books, and games have been getting away with it for years?

Ognipode4885d ago

Not entirely true, Desktop Dungeons had a cloned pulled from the iTunes store... however I guess that was more down to the individuals not the companies. Then again, Acti/Blizzard probably pay their lawyers a monthly retainer higher than most companies make in 2 years.

Ju4885d ago

Gameloft might argue, that Bizzactivision does not have a similar title on their platform. They could probably sue if they can proof Gameloft is deliberately "steeling" their market on mobile. But so far there has been no effort gone into releasing any Acti/Blizzard games on mobile.

user8586214885d ago

Gameloft ripoff all the popular games