Xbox360PS3AndPC4681d ago

Jason Statham Should Be Agent 47 For The Film, The First Hitman Film Sucked So Bad Its Not Even Worth Saying

Blacktric4681d ago

"Jason Statham Should Be Agent 47 For The Film"

Umm no. He's way too big to play the role. Look at Agent 47 in games and then look at Timothy Olyphant. Sure, his face doesn't even resembles the ingame Agent 47 or his voice actor (which has the exact same face of the character), but at least his body size looks equal. Statham should keep starring in mindless action flicks.

K3nji4681d ago

Ed Harris should be hitman, he has that cold steel blue-eyes that make him look calculating and determined to get the job done. Plus i like it that he's older, doesn't stand out from the crowd.

Unbornkirkster194680d ago

I agree with you completely.
Anyone remember Ed Harris in Enemy at the Gates? He played major Kunich, and he was cold and calculating in that. The only problem is Harris is a pretty big name actor, and it would be doubtful to be able to sign him on to this.
Personally i like Olypahnt, he played 47 fairly competently and thought the movie was entertaining personally.

nskrishna24681d ago

I love Hitman but the movie totally sucked. I dun even wanna know about the next movie.. I was hoping this was some kinda game related thing.
What a buzz kill (and my own fault...didn't see Hitman 2 in the name of the article)

bunfighterii4681d ago

"Hitman 2 has a Villain"

It's screenwriters? ZING!

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My_Name_is_Earl683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

Gamepass just eating a bowl of W's cereal this month! I need to sub for a few more years before the price goes up!

NotoriousWhiz683d ago

Agreed. Once my sub runs out in the next couple of months, I'm buying 3 years of gold to convert to Gamepass. I probably won't be able to afford Gamepass after those 3 years are up.

Crows90683d ago

Games with gold will be long gone by then...I hope...since its kinda useless.
Gamepass...I wonder what the price hike will be.

gamer9682d ago

Does anyone know if the trick of converting existing XBL Gold into XB gamepass ultimate up to 36 months for ONE dollar still exists? Also, i assume i have to wait for my gamepass ultimate to expire in a few months before i can take advantage of any promotions? Thanks

NotoriousWhiz682d ago

It's never been 1$ for me. I always have to buy one month for $15. Normally I just do one year at a time. So $60 for one year of gold, then $15 for one month of game pass ultimate and I get 13 months of game pass ultimate for a total of $75.

gamer9680d ago

Thanks for the reply NotoriousWhiz, that's a really good deal as well

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GaboonViper683d ago

Gamepass is absolutely fantastic.

Jin_Sakai683d ago

Best deal in gaming hands down! And it’s only going to get better with Bethesda and soon Activision games on board.

gangsta_red683d ago

Death's Door is seriously a fantastic game. I highly recommend everyone play it.

I have never played a Hitman so this is absolutely great news for me

GP just keeps getting better

Crows90683d ago

That's the title that called my attention. Also extraction but just to try.

Zhipp683d ago

I honestly thougth Death's Door was already on Gamepass. Wasn't it an ID@Xbox game?

GaboonViper683d ago

Hitman is fantastic, and you get the entire trilogy, GP is God like.

Elda683d ago

I guess I'll try Extraction & Death's Door.