Stranglehold PC requires 50GB during installation

According to a digital download store, Stranglehold for the PC requires 50GB of free hard drive disk space during installation, however once the game is installed the setup files can be moved elsewhere. If you are installing the game on a secondary drive, then your primary drive will need 20GB of free hard disk space regardless

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ReBurn4097d ago

That's a lot of disc space. If true then it is going to severly limit sales of this game.

ShiftyLookingCow4097d ago

lol even Crysis is only 16gb, this is plain ridiculous

Dark_Overlord4097d ago

The actual game comes on 2 DVDs for the Pc 1xDVD9 1xDVD5, what makes me curious is that this is meant to be on a single disc on the 360 so how compressed is this game gonna be? or will there be bits took out of the game to fit it on there.

doublertist4097d ago

ill just stick to max payne 2 cuz its the same damn thing maybe a little better graphix but the storyline suck

SageFrancis4097d ago

Maybe you should stop playing games altogether and start paying more attention in English classes.

doublertist4096d ago

if you dont like what i say then show me some facts that its not the same game essentially...english class? im american sir...we are lazy

Itachi4097d ago

thats ridicules i don't believe it

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The story is too old to be commented.