Making Crash Bandicoot – part 5

In a multi-part article , Andy Garvin and Jason Rubin , the Co-founders of Naughty Dog , tell the story of giving birth to one of the most iconic characters in the history of our beloved medium , the one and the only ... Crash Bandicoot! Here's Par 5 , Enjoy .

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floetry1014384d ago

This is absolutely sensational. Crash Bandicoot was the first game I bought for my Playstation. I think a quote from Sir Francis Drake sums up this article perfectly.

"Greatness from small beginnings".

Kudos Naughty Dog.

Rival_314384d ago

This is a good read.

Although you should've submitted this tomorrow after he posts his part 6.

Rival_314384d ago

I see what you did here. You submitted each part individually so you would get a higher total of submissions.

fishd4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

Wtf man , who gives a sh1t about "total of submissions" , whatever that is !

I found these blog posts super interesting and since no one wasn't submitting them I did it , that's it!

Rival_314384d ago

Hahaa I never said anything about caring about the submissions. I just realized that there were several parts. And pointed it out. And now you are overreacting!

fishd4384d ago



I speak like that irl but it's not as harsh and aggresive as it seems ! I speak like that but in a very nice way ,lol.
you know when you put your spoken words into text , a lot of things get lost in the way !

Rival_314383d ago

Ahh mkay. I didn't want to seem like I harshly placed you in the position where you were just submitting it multiple times. I just noticed that you submitted it in parts.

pcz4384d ago

they should remake the original.