God Of War 4 In Development: 3D, Possible Co-op, Better Graphics. Sony Is A Beast HHGS 2/6/11

1. Gears Of War 3 Featuring Tag Team Gameplay
2. New Splinter Cell To Be Announced Later This Year
3. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 - 10/10
4. Rick Ross Signs Wale To Maybach Music
Plus More.

Enjoy the show and God Bless

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Hitman07694861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

God of War 3 is simply the best looking game I've ever played, and the GoW producers said in an HHG interview that they were just getting started tapping the PS3's potential. This will be amazing!!!

DualConsoleOwner4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

which is just amazing.

Currently games like KZ2 (2 year old game) looks farrr better than any xbox 360 games out there including Crysis 2 on consoles.

just imagine how much better games would look if PS3 were fully utilized.

distorted_reality4861d ago

Not the usage percentage bullshit again lol......

People who know nothing about tech should never comment on tech.

Iamback4861d ago

well my brother is programmer over at SM, and no their next game isn't gow4.

karl4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

@distorted reality

just look at the games dude... u dont need to get all nerdy on us...

DualConsoleOwner4861d ago

not my words but Santa Monicas

i am sure you know more than people who worked on the game. DUHHH

try not to sound so butt hurt.

Convas4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

DualConsoleOwner: You're an idiot. Stig Asmussen, the Director of God of War 3 said in the GOW3 episode of GameTrailersTV that Sony Santa Monica was scrapping the Memory Ceiling on the PS3 with GOW3.

So please, show me where they said they only used 50 percent. You fanboys speak out of your asses about things you CLEARLY have no idea about. Now, back up what you said, because I sure as hell can.

Persistantthug4861d ago

If the next God Of War does Co Op and keeps the same graphical fidelity, that would be proof of that.

There's always more, Clizzz.

distorted_reality4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

"try not to sound so butt hurt."

Why would I be butthurt? I own a PS3, and have GoW3. I also own a 360, and a bloody good gaming PC. So, please, enlighten me as to why I should feel butthurt.

"i am sure you know more than people who worked on the game. DUHHH "

I obviously don't. But I know that resource usage comes down to optimization, which you obviously have no idea about.

DualConsoleOwner4860d ago (Edited 4860d ago )


i was wrong. they said LESS than 50 percent.

hahaah.. I backed up what i said. hahaah

it is so sad that you have to speak directly out of your ass because you are so butt hurt.

cry me a river, but wont change facts that PS3 is far superior.

@Nickjkl +bub!!

yea i checked out CLiazz comment history and he is a xbox fanboy.. and now def butt hurt over the fact that PS3 is far superior.

it's pretty sad that fanboys get this upset over PS3's superiority.

nickjkl4860d ago

hey clizz whats that

you say ram isnt the only thing that contibutes to graphics

you say gpu and cpu also help

my god man your a genuis


UGDB: With God of War III we saw your studio make use of the real power of the PlayStation 3; do you think that it is possible to go even further with the team’s next title?

SA: Absolutely, we can do much more with it. I don’t know if we are even close to 50% of PlayStation 3’s power at this point.

Convas4860d ago (Edited 4860d ago )

ROFLMAO! You can't even spell my name right, ignoramus. Now you want to call me a fanboy? If my comment history is proof of me being a fanboy, there really isn't hope for this site, or any of it's members.

But I find it funny that you think my post was me being "upset over PS3's superiority".

Is that the best you have? It's a piece of plastic that I will soon own. Oh but wait, you have the reasoning skills of a 12 year old prepubescent child.

Say what you will about me. I know what I know about God of War because I'm a fan, but if they can up what they did on God of War 3, then I'll be there on day one.


There's the GTTV episode, watch from 17:00-18:00.

Either some one is lying or there was a misunderstanding of the question, but facts are facts. You can only do so much with the CPU/GPU to circumvent RAM/Memory shortages. Bitch as much as you want, that's TECHNOLOGY. Live with it.

bluegreenman4860d ago

why do people like you have to try so hard to start wars online about a fake "console war" just sad in my opinion. gears of war 3 looks better than KZ2 in my opinion... now KZ3.. thats another story.. Uncharted 3.. another story again. lol I love owning all consoles

ChrisW4860d ago

Butthurt is as butthurt does!

Snake Raiser4860d ago

Apparently using 100% of the power of the PS3 is actually impossible. Because if they did Kratos would actually jump out of the TV and rip your head off. Then Jack Thompson would sue.

TheLastGuardian4860d ago

I really really really hope HHG is right about this. I would love for Santa Monica Studios to make God Of War 4. I guess it would have to be a prequel since well I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't play GoW3. I'd love to play it in 3D but 3DTV's are still too expensive. Not so sure I want co-op.

After seeing the NFS: Hot Pursuit, I wish I would've bought it instead of Black ops. Too late now. It's 2011 and I've got way too many games to buy this year. Motorstorm Apocalypse is the only arcade racer I need all year.

Steve_04860d ago (Edited 4860d ago )

@All arguing about PS3 "usage" in terms of GoW3 and 4...
I remember reading an article, I believe behind the team at Naughty Dog, about the argument of "power" and "usage" in consoles. They were talking about the PS2, but what they said still applies. I can't find the article atm, so I'll post what I remember.

Essentially, any code you write will use "100%" of the CPU cycles available of any processor. The same holds true for any frame rendered by the GPU. It makes no sense to develop software to be run at anything other than maximum speed. In this sense, the whole idea of percentage usage is garbage.

Think of writing a game as filling a jar. You can fill the jar with large rocks, and say, "This jar is 100% full". But then, you can fill it further with small rocks between the spaces of the large rocks, and say, "This jar is still 100% full, but I am fitting more into it.". This is akin to optimizing your software. You can then fill the remaining space with fine sand, and then you're filling the jar almost to capacity. But then you could fill the jar with water, and then with compressed air... ie. there's always some small space left to fill in the jar, even if it's always "100%" filled.

Now, of course it's still a lot more complicated than that. You have to consider the storage space on the medium, transfer bandwidth from the medium or HDD to the processor, bandwidth between the processor and GPU, available memory, and so on. You can't simply say, "Well our last game used, like 50%, but this one is 100%!!!" So why do they say stuff like this in interviews and through PR? because people won't listen to the full explanation. Most people don't care or understand the details.

So, in future, take statements like that with a pinch of salt, because unless you know the means for comparison, it is a meaningless figure. They could be saying "GoW3 used 25gb Blu-Ray, but GoW4 will use 50gb!!!" or "GoW 3 ran at 30fps, but GoW4 will run at 60fps!!! cough *Although at half resolution* cough."

Wow, I used only 10% of my brainpower writing that, imagine if I used 100%!!!

EDIT: Additionally, the whole idea of the "power" of a console is ridiculous. Power is simply the rate at which work is performed, or better put in this case, the rate at which energy is consumed. I guarantee you that no matter what game you put in your PS3, it will use either 180W, 135W, 110W, 73W or 60W of power, depending on what model you have. And it will always use "100%" of that available power consumption, on average.
Something else to think about, Owners of the new slims, your consoles are rated at 60W of "Power" compared to 180W of "Power" for the launch models. Does that mean your hardware is only 1/3 as powerful? No.

nickjkl4860d ago

wrong steve o

if you max out a cpu and gpu the program you are running will start to lag

whether its photo shop or a game

maxed out is never a good idea

Eamon4860d ago

People spout percentages like 50% or whatever as though they are talking about petrol consumption.

You can get a game that uses all of the hardware potential to its full and you can also get a game that looks better but uses less hardware potential.

It's called efficiency.

Anarki4860d ago

I cannot stand people who use the "my relative works at xxxxxxxxxx"... what are we, 5?

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morganfell4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

******SPOILER ALERT******

_____________________________ __________
_____________________________ __________
_____________________________ __________
_____________________________ __________

The only mistake they made was having Kratos kill Hercules.

The fact is a game from Sony Santa Monica based around the Twelve Labors of Hercules would be astounding.

HappyGaming4861d ago

is a prequel possible?
story wise?

redDevil874861d ago

That was one of the most epic boss fights i've ever played!

thehitman4861d ago

I wouldnt want to play as hercules though w/ that character design just my opinion.

Hudahudahuda4861d ago

I didn't like the version of Hercules myself. They were planning another design for him though where he wasn't as big and looked alot younger but instead they opted for a hulk clone. Apart from his weapons he didn't seem as well fleshed out as most of the other thing SM does.

El_Assenso4860d ago

I agree totally!! That would be awesome having a game based around the 12 Labours of Hercules. Great idea buddy, bubbles-up!!

Redempteur4860d ago (Edited 4860d ago )


hercules ? epic ?

it was a good fight but i don't see how it tops , ares's fight ( GOW1 ) or the third sister of fate ( GOW2 ) and the most epic of all .. zeus fight in GOW 2.

in GOW hades is more technical and poseidon is way more epic . i won't even comment on zeus trap ( GOW2 ) were you had to destroy the statue piece by piece ..
Hercules was predictable and most of all wasn't alone ..
GOW is full of more spectacular or more challenging bosses IMO