Making Crash Bandicoot – part 4

In a multi-part article , Andy Garvin , the Co-founder of Naughty Dog , tells the story of giving birth to one of the most iconic characters in the history of our beloved medium , the one and the only ... Crash Bandicoot! Here's Par 4 , Enjoy .

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Prcko4380d ago

One of the best games ever created,never forget

Cajun Chicken4379d ago

That's awesome. Jason Rubin has added his own notes!

MajestieBeast4379d ago

Great game its sad universal sold the IP to Sierra. Christoph and Evan are doing a amazing job, ever since Gavin and Rubin left. Dont know if the studio would be where it is right now without them.

fire234379d ago

That's kinda crazy that they were so good that Sony couldn't even compete with them at the time

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