PS3 UT3 to have less maps

From the IGN Unreal Tournament 3 preview with Mark Rein:

"Mark Rein said that they are shooting for a November release and did say that the PS3 version would have "most" of the content that would be found in its PC brother. He said that there would be a couple of maps that would be left out of the PS3 version simply because the system didn't have the resources to produce a smooth gameplay experience. But rest assured, the classic Unreal Tournament modding could still be performed and uploaded to your friends"

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akaFullMetal4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

here we go, a big flame, but then again if this was the other way around 360 fanboys would be saying well at least we dont have to wait for 6 months we can play now. but because the ps3 version has less it will be bashed on, either way im getting it, it will be an awesome unreal if you like them

nasim4047d ago

PS3 development has been lagging for EPIC.

so EPIC are not willing to defer the release of UT3.

baring other things

CELL will remain far superior to PC cores for years to come.However x360 is clearly outdated with its garbage resources

tehcellownu4047d ago

it will still have more maps then the 360 version

Real Gambler4047d ago

Currently, minimum PC specifications are CPU: 2.8Ghz RAM: 512MB As usual, the beauty of the Unreal engine is that it doesn't take that much power on a PC. Because you're running a heavy O.S. (even XP), and you have to get your engine running on different CPUs, sound card, graphic cards, etc, lot's of power and memory is lost into overhead...

Now, the beauty of a console, is that all the hardware is always the same all over the world. So you can tweak your engine even more because it does run on specific hardware... With the O.S. being a lot smaller than XP or Vista, only one sound processor and one graphic card to worry about, it's quite easy to get the engine working on half that CPU power and memory... That's how they can run it nicely on a console.

Now, if you're running 64 players online, on a huge map, sure enough, you may hit bottlenecks... We may only have to drop it to 32 players (not so bad), or maybe drop a few parts of the map, or some fancy texture to make it work... It will definitively be interesting to see how maps will evolve in the future... It may even be possible that some of those maps may not even work with the minimum PC specifications afterall. The engine fully support Dual-Core and 64 bit processing...

We will know soon enough I guess!

SonySoldiers4047d ago

Remember that could be a lie!!! The most important aspect of HD gaming is high performance, not high numbers of MAPS! Everyone's doubt about the unlimited power of Playstation 3, but at the end of day the PS3 will be on TOP.

The outbreak of proven technology by SONY is here and only from Japan.

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AznSniper4047d ago

PC versions of games are always superior. It won't be for a while until we have console games that are superior to PC counterparts.

Ju4047d ago

Console versions will never catch up. At the time the SW on consoles improve, the PC market will release more powerful HW. But, I am not willing to pay $1000 more just for that little bit more visual power.

- I prefer the easier usage of the consoles (Disk in and go - no installing)
- The fixed feature set. You know that your game will run, no matter how old it is.

The only reason for a PC are (IMO) strategy games, but I am wondering when the consoles will have that, too. I see no reason why C&C can't run on a hi def screen and support keyboard and mouse (as an alternative to pads).

WAR_MACHINE774047d ago

I don't know how true it is but I've been hearing that the maps that they aren't including are just the 64 player maps. Is that really that big a deal? Before Xbots all chime in, just remember he also said some time ago that content would have to be cut from the 360 version due to disc space, so only PC gamers get to laugh... and its at both camps. So lets all try to keep the flaming to a minimum.

midgard2294047d ago

360 version isnt even in the works for a reason, so why wud a xbot start lol.

ofcourse ps3 is weaker than a computer, it better be cuz gaming computers are freakin crazy expensive, what the best graphics card is over 1200$?? then the comp it self with high ram and hard drive another 1000$? ouch lol makes sense that it should be superior, pc gamers have big pockets hehe

WAR_MACHINE774047d ago

Where do you live? In the US I can build a gaming rig that will play anything coming out in the near future with power to spare for about $600-$800. Just have to go to and buy pieces and put it together yourself. Its more effort but you save a bundle

Lex Luthor4047d ago

360 version is comming in 2008, Rein has stated that multiple times.
Are you an idiot or what?

THAMMER14047d ago

Look how many people beat me to it. [email protected]

midgard2294047d ago

i didnt say it wasnt comin on 360????? lol, i meant theres a reason its taking longer to make lol

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Hades13374047d ago

A couple of maps is nothing to cry about.

You can still upload your own maps anyway.

Proxy4047d ago

This makes me think the UT3 community will become divided from the PC community.

The PC community will be busting out uncanned mods, and uncanned maps (all for free mind you), and one of two things will happen.

1. The PS3 is compatible, in which case these missing maps wont matter, because we'll just hop on a server and download them anyways.

2. The PS3 isn't compatible, and half the content released from the PC camp will be useless for the PS3.