Windows Vista vs Windows XP Performance: 7 Months Later

It has been over seven months since Firing Squad last took a look at Windows Vista performance versus Windows XP. In that series of articles, Firing Squad found that both AMD and NVIDIA's Vista performance was lacking in comparison to Windows XP, although NVIDIA's showing in Vista was much worse: Vista performance was in some cases substantially slower than Windows XP, features were missing, and SLI was unsupported entirely. Meanwhile, AMD's biggest problem was the OpenGL portion of their Vista driver, OpenGL-based games like Quake 4 scaled poorly in performance in comparison to WinXP and Firing Squad encountered numerous visual artifacts. CrossFire support was also limited.

As you can imagine, in the span of the past seven months quite a bit has changed on the Vista driver front and Firing Squad received quite a few emails asking to revisit the topic.

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Close_Second4046d ago

I purchased a new laptop with a high spec graphic card and it couldn't even run Sims 2. After a barrage of patches and new software drivers it limped along. Hell, I want to play games not stuffing around with installing more software just to get the software I purchased to run.

...drivers and updates all the time, all the different hardware versions, patches, etc, etc, etc. Give me the similicity of console gaming any day of the week.

fermcr4046d ago

Yep, get a console... and leave PC Gaming to people that understand it. :)

risk4046d ago

umm did you make sure you un-limited the laptops performance mode? because most probably it was in battery saving mode, which is why it limped in sims, OR your high performance laptop was high performance 6 years ago.

khellendros14046d ago

This is a one of the reasons I will never be a big PC gamer. It's just too much hassle. The only games I really play are action RPG's and RTS on PC. I'm a technology hog and I know how to build and configure gaming PCs but going through this is ridiculous when you have consoles. Then you are restricted by software activation. I'll stick with my consoles.

Silvia0074046d ago

Building a PC just for games is frigg'n lame, do what everyone else is saying, buy a darn console. With the money you used on your gamming only PC, you could of gotten a 60" DLP, SXRD, LCD, maybe even a plasma, whichever is your preference and a PS3, 360 or even both. Seriously, we have enough stupid people, don't add to the group.

mighty_douche4046d ago

been debating wether to get vista since it release but still havent even tho i own a Dx10 card, sure its 'pretty' but it just seems like more hassel than its worth at the minute.

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