Want to Cheat in Dead Space 2? Here’s How

Hell Descent: First of all: shame on you, you dirty cheater! OK, now to business. It seems like some Dead Space 2 players couldn’t take the heat, and have found a way to get filthy rich and filled with power nodes. The cheat appears to be done on Chapter 14 with a node room, and reloading a save. The room will constantly spawn an assortment of money, nodes, and semiconductors. This glitch will lead you to be rich, and with full upgrades in no time. The glitch appears to work on both console versions, no word on PC.

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Kon4376d ago

"Want to Cheat in Dead Space 2?"


BeOneWithTheGun4376d ago

I fail to see how this is a big deal. Chapter 14? Thats almost the end of the game. If this was done on chapter 1 or 2 i could see it. On DS 1, at the end of the game u got 10 nodes n 50k anyway for the replay so who cares?

Studio-YaMi4376d ago

For people who have less time on hand to play through the normal or casual difficulty levels just to max out all there weapons to try them out on harder levels like zealot,excluding Hardcore since your guns,ammo and money wont transfer to that difficulty level ;) !

So hey,if you're bored with repeating the game,here is a faster way for ya :D !

Headquarters114376d ago

Thank you studio thats exactly what I was about to say and thats exactly why i'm doing the glitch. MVC3 and KZ3 coming out in the next few weeks.

Bloodshedder4376d ago

its a pain in tha ars... i thought it was faster luls

STICKzophrenic4376d ago

After beating it at least once, sometimes it's fun to max everything and go beast mode and use cheat codes/glitches/etc.

I'll do it, but only after I've played the game the way it was intended to be played.

Lekumkee4376d ago

This only works on zealot mode and down, it wouldn't work on hardcore mode as you can only save 3 times.

Arsenic134376d ago

I dont think im ever going to do that mode.

WhiteNoise4376d ago

I can see why getting a few extra nodes would be good for some.

But in DS2...the persistent upgrades is what gives the game replayability, it's fun to play through a second time and still get the reward of getting more powerful over time.

It encourages you to manage you ammo better and aim more accurately because you use excess ammo and health packs to sell to buy more nodes. If you have everything maxed, that's when you start a new game instead of a new game plus, then the fun starts again.

I finished my new game plus and I have my rig 100% upgraded incl air and TK damage, I have my stasis, pulse rifle, plasma cutter, seeker rifle, contact beam, line gun, javeline gun, flamethrower, force gun all fully upgraded.

All I have to do is the ripper ( which sucks ) and the proximity mine thrower... no need for cheats, I enjoyed each playthrough.

If you want to enjoy the game I suggest you don't use this.

Some games call for cheats but DS2 is not one of those games

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