IGN: How much is too much for the NGP?

Sony finally unveiled the successor the PSP last month, the NGP, codenamed for "Next Generation Portable." The company wowed gamers with amazing looking titles that rivaled console graphics, and many new features, including dual analog sticks, touch pads on the front and the back, and a new digital initiative with 3G support.

AndrewRyan4918d ago

$399+ is too much I think for a handheld.

But everyone is going to have their own opinions on the matter.

blitz06234918d ago

$350 is too much for me. It's a handheld, Sony must know even if it's as powerful as a PS3 or whatever technology is inside, $350 is not a price of a portable console. I would consider $300 if the launch games are unbelievably good, but right now I'm hoping for $250, which is unlikely

rezzah4918d ago

I agree, i would never go higher than 300 for a handheld.

ChineseDemocracy4918d ago

I'm hoping for a solid $300, otherwise I;ll have to wait :S


Maybe i'm just not that much into handhelds, but as much as I'm interested on NGP, I'm not paying anything above 250 US$, unless the 3G version is contract-free and have phone calling capabilities.

It could be a big and awkward phone (although it has BT, which mean headset friendly) but that would actually compel me to carry it around... My PSP is dying in dust hell because I hardly stay away with free time and rarely travel in bus or train (I'm the only driver in home too, rarelly taking the passenger seat), so I end up not carring it just so when I have a chance to play it outdoors it's on the botton drower of my office's desk... Not surprisingly I end up playing in an awkward phone which is always with me.

blumatt4918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

I think people will say any price is too much since it's a Sony handheld. lol People like to hate on Sony's prices, even though if you break it down and look at all the features, they're usually giving you a bargain. I'm going to guess the Wifi only PSP2 will be $300 and the 3G equipped PSP2 will be $350. Hopefully, that's the max price range. A more desirable pricing scheme would be $250-Wifi PSP2 & $300-3G PSP2. That would compete better against the 3DS. At $250, it would be seen as expensive, but within reach, like the 3DS, except you're getting alot more tech. built in with the PSP2 than you're getting in the 3DS. Basically, the 3DS is just a DS with a slight bump in graphics and a 3D screen. The PSP2 has so much built into it, it's madness!! I can't wait to get one, but if it's more than $250, I'm waiting for a price cut. Even though I know it's worth around $400 with all the tech in it, I just can't spend that much.

Dsnyder4918d ago

I think anything up to 1000$ is fair game considering this is a freaking handheld ps3.

blumatt4918d ago

Like I said it's worth $400 or more BUT Sony cannot price it that high. It HAS to be $350 or less. The best price tier would be $250 for Wifi PSP2 and $300 for 3G PSP2. That would compete great against the 3DS. it would be a reasonable enough price so that consumers would see the value and not be scared away by the price tag. At $250 you'd be crazy not to get the PSP2 over the 3DS, unless you just "Gotta catch 'em all" for the hundredth time with a Pokemon game. LoL

EvilC4918d ago

300 is too much 250 is a good price

shooterexpert4918d ago

250 is still a bit too much for a handheld. atleast for me.

I'll probably just wait for it to get down to 160-190 before I get one.

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mushroomwig4918d ago

£200-250 would be a dream, although I would pay more but not that much more.

stuntman_mike4917d ago

im hoping the same but i reckon £275

NoobSessions4918d ago

I'll wait until it drops to $250 honestly.

blumatt4918d ago

Yeah, even I won't pay more than $250, maybe $300 for the 3G model.

George Sears4918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

$250 max for me. Hopefully the games won't be on a ridiculous price as well.