Dart894916d ago

Make a kz one and i will buy it...looks great.

norman294916d ago

"is Gorgeous" no its not

TheLastGuardian4916d ago

It is gorgeous but Episodes from Liberty City is not a game I want representing my PS3. Make an Uncharted one and we'll talk.

Kon4916d ago

There is one already. Search it.

Active Reload4916d ago

Its decent, but I wouldn't call it gorgeous. There are other ones out there that I would reserve that word for.

dbjj120884916d ago

You'll have to take that case up with Guerilla Games >.>

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awiseman4916d ago

This is SPAM, had this been an xbox do you think ppl wud approve this?

Kon4916d ago

Of course not. PS3 is the mascot of this site

Bathyj4916d ago

We'd approve it, we just wouldnt care.

Get off your cross would ya.

dbjj120884916d ago

Sure. Things of beauty are universally appreciated!

Taggart4514916d ago

I don't know...I think I like my God of War PS3 a bit better. http://twitpic.com/1inp8o

GamerSciz4916d ago

Very nice but I think this one takes the cake.


BTW link to the ebay...

norman294916d ago

Now thats some sexy shit right there ;)

dbjj120884916d ago

Did you do that yourself? This one was made by Rockstar.

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stormeagle64916d ago

I definitely would have kept it had I won.

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