PSN vs XBLA - which is more popular?

Examiner - "Several weeks ago I conducted a research study which consisted of polling forum users on various gaming-related message boards in an effort to find out how popular the Xbox LIVE Arcade is. Curious at how this number compared to the PlayStation Network, I repeated the survey on the same forums but this time asked how many PSN Games users owned."

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Godmars2902813d ago

Its the systems they're on.

/End subject.

Joni-Ice2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

So tired of these comparision articles or videos. They do nothing but startup trolling comments. Then the title reads "Which one is more Popular". That alone will bring the trolls. Flame on!

Xander7562813d ago

Just going based on the data. Not trying to start an argument.

DFresh2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

XBL is more popular then PSN in the media but in the reality the quality of both networks is the same damn thing.

Only thing that separates the 2 services is the following reasons.

PSN is free.
(XBL you pay $60/year.)

PSN has dedicated servers.
(XBL does not have dedicated servers.)

XBL has cross game chat/party chat.
(PSN does not have these features.)

PSN has a more diverse game line up between 1st party, indie, and 3rd party developers.
(XBL well their limited. Still the Indie Community Feature is a nice touch.)

PSN/Steam both have Cloud Storage now for games.
Portal 2 says hi.
Also PS Plus users are getting this feature too.
(XBL does not have this feature.)

PSN/Steam both have automatic updates/patches/cross platform play.
Portal 2 says hi.
(XBL does not have these features.)

If XBL is so much better then explain to me why both PSN/Steam which are free online services have these features but XBL a paid service does not.
(I'll be waiting for a response. Waiting for someone to counter me if you can.)


I know the fanboys will hate on what I'm saying but I don't care.
(I've experienced both services and have made up my mind which one I like better.)

Oner2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

While it is your opinion that you like one over the other, the bottom line is that it's based off the facts you have provided above which is 100% valid & truthful.

XBL just does not give you MORE for spending MORE money.

It boils down to just 1 feature that is not available on the PSN ~ and that is XGame chat...and it is just a matter of time when it arrives to the PSN. After that, what would make Xbox LIVE! soooo much "better"?

There is only 1 bullet point you forgot though DFresh ~

You don't get the full experience of the game you paid for without paying for Xbox LIVE! additionally. On a PS3 you get more value for each game you buy because playing online is free. EVERYONE gets to play.

FFXI1012813d ago

and to my personal experience and preference, I like PSN better(also for the facts you stated)

sam22362813d ago

None because one is just a popular as the other. 'nuff said.

Xander7562813d ago

But what do you base this on?

Godmars2902813d ago

And of course this got approved...

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