Killzone 3 uses 100% of PS3 power

Arjan Brussee, director of production in the game, revealed that Killzone 2 was using 60% of available power in the GPU and SPU console. Killzone 3, on the power used, reaches 100%.

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SnakeMustDie2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Let the game speak for itself. We'll see if it really harness the power of the PS3 in the upcoming beta.

Dark_Charizard2816d ago

Didn't Metal Gear Solid 4 also use 100% of PS3's power?? :O

BrianG2816d ago

Power is often misunderstood. Usually Developers are talking about using every SPU all the time, 100% of the time.

That does not mean the SPU's are maxed out. Also there is always room for improvement with better engine designs and optimization.

deadreckoning6662816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

WOW, fanboys are gunna eat this one up with that title alone lol.

SnakeMustDie2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

MGS4 and the early PS3 exclusives like RFoM weren't optimized to use the PS3's SPUs that's why there is a huge jump between R2 to R3 and I expect a big jump from MGS4 to MGS5 if it is still exclusive.

Technically, most games uses 100% of a console power but having better framerate, graphics, physics etc. has something to do with optimization. You can write a loop that uses 100% of a console power but it is still a loop that does nothing.

Christopher2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Eh. They've been using 100% of the PS3 since year two. What really matters is how they improve on how they use that 100%.

The potential for improvements is always there up until a certain point, and that point has yet to be reached and likely won't be reached before the next Playstation is released. Look at what the God of War series did for the PS2, at a time when people were sure the PS2 couldn't improve anymore.

The same goes for the 360, though sadly they don't have as many first parties working to really show what the system can do.

Istanbull2816d ago

No game uses 100% of PS3, its alien technology

LoVeRSaMa2816d ago

We was told that KZ2 used 100% of the PS3's power as well ^____^"

Theirs always improvements that can be made =D

suckerpunch2816d ago

japanese developers are outdated (most of them) kojima productions ?


the graphics is just the best i had seen so far, if it's released, in my opinion that it will be the best looking game to date on any platform (better looking than crysis) both art direction and tech combined.

regardless of how much GG utilized, if every ps3 games can look atleast this good....then ps3 gamers are in heaven.

Peppino72816d ago

Depending on how is this game turns out and is criticized that could be a good or bad statement. However killzone 2 look phenomenal so this 1 has the potential to be great.

DelbertGrady2816d ago

Uncharted 3 will use 200% of the PS3's power. No kidding.

Pixelated_Army2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

mmm yeah talk dirty to me GG.... 100% you say? yeah daddy likes.

Can't wait for KZ3! wo0t!

Motion2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I'll be impressed when a game uses 100% of a systems power,at 100% efficiency. Albeit, this is not very probable.

A game using 100% of a systems power with 1% efficiency isn't really that impressive, now is it? The worse your code is optimized, the more power a simple task will take.

n4f2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

so was metal gear 4 ,uncharted 2, final fantasy XIII, i know there's more i forgot them.
but i remember sony say:no one will use all the power of the ps3
please stop it with _____ will use 100% of_____.
or ________only possible on _____ .
i rather let the game speaks for itself

TheLastGuardian2816d ago

So I guess Uncharted 3 will use 110%

Hitman07692816d ago

@BrianG ^THIS^

What they should have said is "Killzone 3 uses 100% of what the KZ3 engine can squeeze out of the PS3 with the current build's code"

ProjectVulcan2816d ago

Good way to measure how much performance is being extracted can be to measure power consumption and temperature of the console. A demanding game that literally does not let the processors relax from maximum load will consume more power, and create more heat.

HappyGaming2816d ago

CS 1.6 maxes my CPU to 100% but I can still play Left 4 Dead 2 on it...

NnT32912816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

It's like when you use 100% of your power to run, you can go 50 miles a day. But if you use 100% to ride a bike, you can go 200 miles a day. The same thing can be said about hardware, the developers can always find a way to push the consoles further

pixelsword2816d ago

and so will the next one, if it's on the PS3, that is.

Megaton2815d ago

Yeah, and Valve said the Orange Box used something like 95% of the 360's power. Similar line from BioWare regarding the original Mass Effect on 360.

It's a pretty meaningless thing to say.

bigc0720042815d ago

RIGHT! tired of hearing this same sh*t. uncharted 2 was supposed to have as well. Before that Killzone 2 was. Eight Days was supposed to also, but we'll never know cause it got cancelled. LA NOIRE might though.

nickjkl2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

but is it using it at full force like uncharted 3

@snake must die

Resistance: Fall of Man

"Animation and calculating collisions between objects are perfect fits, says Hastings. So those are the primary jobs Resistance doles out to the SPEs.."

Source: Spectrum online

"SPU System:

Audio (NextSynth and LR1)
Bucketer sort
Collision (separate broad and narrow)
Dynamic DB
Dynamic joint
FX update
Geom Cull Clip (for shadows and decals)
Moby constants
Physics collision
Physics simulation
Particle (weather fx)
Render mats
Static DB
Water (FFT)

10-20% total SPU utilization" (uses 5 SPEs, Resistance 2 uses 6 SPEs)


i dont know about mgs4 the only thing they said about it was

"I would also like to challenge the PS3's CPU power for not only what you can see, but also psychological effects, or psychological battles, where it can affect your gameplay."

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DigitalAnalog2816d ago

You have flamebait articles, and then there are flame-baiting idiots making up fake titles for said news.

Then there are trolls agitating for flames.

-End of Line

n4f2816d ago

yeah its like a ritual

IcarusOne2816d ago

Apparently MGS4, KZ2, every Uncharted game, both LBP games, all the Resistance games, even Infamous 1 & 2 have also used 100% of the PS3's power. These claims are so mundane at this point.

Oh well. Fanboys are like moths to a flame.

Sarcasm2816d ago

^IcarusOne, when the developers say they are utilizing 100% of the PS3 they mean with the code they are using. For example, Crysis 1 barely taps 30-50% of my CPU. What does that mean? That means they aren't utilizing 100% of my CPU because it's not optimized just for my CPU.

But with the PS3, 360, etc. etc. they can optimize as much as they can until they reach 100% utilization. Even then, there's always more optimization available to have more efficient coding, so 100% 4 years ago is different than 100% today. That's why you see games even on the same hardware have better graphics throughout its age. The PSP is a fine example of this. People can argue that God of War: COO was the tip and nothing can ever look any better than that. Except that God of War: GoS came out and proved yet again there's still more to be had with the PSP.

FragGen2816d ago

So how many Watts is KZ3? LOL.

These "X maxed out Y" and "Z uses 100% of system Q's" power claims are retarded. N4G should have enough sense to not forward these crap articles.

OhReginald2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

"We'll see if it really harness the power of the PS3 in the upcoming beta. "

how about wait till the full game comes out so you can play single player campaign. Because you know for killzone 2's multiplayer the graphics had to be slightly downgraded to suite more players on screen. The same will be done with killzone 3.

if you judge a game's graphics on a multiplayer beta that would just make u look dumb.

MarcusFenixITA2816d ago

yes, but the MP in Killzone 2 still belongs to me most impressive ones.

TheShow012816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )


dude multi-player graphics in kz2 are exactly the same as single player ... the first game that did it.

SuicideShaun2815d ago

"if you judge a game's graphics on a multiplayer beta that would just make u look dumb."

You should say that to all the kiddies bashing crysis2.

OhReginald2815d ago


ABSOLUTELY NOT. The graphics were downgraded in killzone 2's multiplayer. This is a fact, you can not argue against this.

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WetN00dle692816d ago

The beta Graphicwise is not all that special. Its kinda grainy to be quite honest. BUT then again the beta is running on the Alpha code. Id rather wait for the full release to really see the MONSTER Guerrilla has unleashed.

xAlmostPro2816d ago

Im pretty sure by the time they release the next game(be it killzone 4 or a new ip) they'll have found a way to utilise and get more power from the ps3 and then be saying killzone 3 only used 90% or something..

they said killzone 2 used 100% then found out a bunch of new stuff for killzone 3 which meant killzone 2 only used 60% like it says :D

BkaY2816d ago

GG claims 60% power of ps3 for kz2 not 100%...

dont just read the headline try to read the whole article before saying something... in this case your answer is in first line of this article..


ps: there is always room for optimization till some point...

Spitfire_Riggz2816d ago

Killzone 4 will use 2 blue ray discs

SuicideShaun2815d ago

The disc has nothing to do with the graphics.

pain777pas2816d ago

Familiarity and optomization will still squeeze more out of the PS3. However, this game looks amazing and absolutely chaotic. The atmosphere is why KZ is so great. You feel like you are on a real battle field and that you are going to get sniped as you run for cover. Loved KZ2 and will get KZ3 day one.

otherZinc2816d ago

Since Killzone 3 is using so much power; will Killzone 3 have online co-op or 4 player online

That would be a display of some pure power to me.

MNicholas2816d ago

that with the Cell, there's no such thing as 100%.

The quality of the algorithm makes a huge difference. IBM demonstrated that even with 100% utilization, simply improving the algorithm can result in 10x improvement for many tasks.

What's more, because, unlike a GPU, the Cell is as fully programmable as any CPU, it can use rendering techniques that are simply not possible on any existing GPU.

showtimefolks2816d ago

and yet the next exclusive looks better why?

ps3 is not maxed out yet and won't be for a while let's just live with the fact we will get better sequels every time

what i mean is every exclusive will improve with a sequel just more time to mess with ps3's tech also what's amazing is that ps3 isn't even out for 5 years yet

princejb1342816d ago

and than in 2 years from now when killzone 4 come out
they say killzone 3 used 80% and kz 4 is gonna use 100%
in a ongoing cycle=]

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OGharryjoysticks2816d ago

If true then it is practically impossible for Crysis 2 or Rage or any of the other 3rd party games that claim they are graphical powerhouses to look better. It's taken Guerrilla 2 games, over 5 years of dedicated PS3 development, and a shitload of Sony funding and resources to get there so stock up on TP and have an extra pair of undies handy for when you play it..

distorted_reality2816d ago

They don't CLAIM to be - they are. Just not on consoles.

As others have pointed out though, it all comes down to optimization, and developers can always get better as the technology gets better, so you should probably expect that exclusives will continue to improve in this department as time goes on, as has already been shown over the current gens live span.

Kon2816d ago

"The game runs in 720p. It was explained that 1080p was not possible due to the amount of things in place" :(

heylo2816d ago

also it has to handle 3D

Pandamobile2816d ago

The way they do 3D these days have almost no effect on performance.

Pandamobile2816d ago

Okay then, apparently only Crytek have discovered how to do 3D with a 2% performance hit.

OpenGL2816d ago

Actually Pandamobile, Killzone 3 does not use the same 3D trick that is being used in Crysis 2, but instead actually renders twice as many frames at 640x716 with MLAA and a slight reduction in polygon count. In 2D mode it is rendered at normal 1280x720 with MLAA.

tman6922816d ago

Your character hasn't been shown in the anime for the looongest time! I kinda miss Kon's silly antics sometimes....:'(

WetN00dle692816d ago

Poor Kon, he still awaits Rukias return.

theonlylolking2816d ago

With 3d they have to do 2 of the same picture I think they said. So if they did not use 3d I bet they could have 60fps or 1080p.

LMS2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

almost every Console game uses 100% of both consoles power in effect

Both consoles have been "maxed" since day one!
Now it is up to devs to get creative in their programming to work around the limitations of the consoles, that's why games still continue to impress, it's called working with what you got.

thats why 99% of games are 720p or less

killzone 2, uncharted 2, god of war 3 would all be freakin slideshows if they were 1080p, they would be unplayable.

if they had 16x anti aliasing, they would be unplayable

@720p most games only run at 25-30 frames per second


Where are you getting your facts there are tons of games that run at 60 frames locked...Ratchet and Clank says hi :)

Also the MLAA has been proven to do 16x AA and above...God of War and Sabotour walk in and say party in the house.

As far as the 1080p well there are games that have used 1080p and ran fine...when this is not possible is when a game like KZ3 has so much going on onscreen at once with sick particle effects, wind drift, post processing, tons of dynamic lighting effects and bunches of moving character models running around. The PS3 can only handle so much and at the moment it has not been optimized to the point where this can be done...but this is only what we have seen up to this point and who knows what crazy s**t developers will think up to make it happen.

Pandamobile2816d ago

MLAA will never look as good as 16x MSAA. To say that is just silly. It's a post processing effect for crying out loud.

Persistantthug2816d ago

There still is no game that's performed MLAA better than the PS3...not PC, console or otherwise.

toaster2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

PC games don't use MLAA because there is no need to, the GPU handles brute force tactics (MSAA, QSAA, CSAA) up to 4xMSAA without a performance drop. 4xMS is enough to get rid of most (~90%) of noticeable jaggies. MLAA is post processing, blurring the frame to artificially remove jags while MSAA etc.. on PC actually use algorithms and edge detection. That's why MLAA is not widely used on PC, nobody wants it. PS3 uses MLAA because it's weak and can't candlt 2xMSAA without a kick in the nuts and a drop in FPS.


@Pandamobile and Toaster
PC snobs in the

You cats are a joke devs and even PC techs have come out and said that even though the PC's will brute force their way to create a similiar affect it still is not as good as the MLAA that was used in God of War 3. I would waste my time googling the article but you can do that.

Don't hate because you don't own a PS3 and can't stand the fact that the PS3 can do something better than your PC.

I'm sure I'll be flammed with disagrees by PC snobs but it's not like I care about those gamers opinions anyway.

toaster2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

:| Wat? I own 3 platforms and Panda owns a PC and PS3..

Are you mad that I'm saying FACTS instead of PR bullshit like 95% of console gamers do? MLAA works. It has been proven to blur edges enough to give it 8xMSAA effect but at the cost of sever blurring of objects. The MLAA in God of War 3 works for that game since you're moving the character fast enough to not see the mud filter that is MLAA. Ever wonder why everything in that game looks brown and washed out? That's MLAA at work. With regular AA tactics you get all the benefits of MLAA without the mud filter and blurring of the picture.

For the record I am stating it in case you miss it again. MLAA works. It's practical and used on PS3 because the GPU is a POS. On PC it's a different story, there is no need AT ALL for MLAA. The same AA effects can be applied with MSAA without a framerate drop.

As for your idiotic comment above.. "Also the MLAA has been proven to do 16x AA and above"

You're just very ignorant or very misinformed.

What do these images tell? I'll let you figure out that. But I feel generous and will break it down for you in simple terms. MLAA works (again, if you missed it earlier) and does indeed make edges seem anti-aliased. You get less jags and more image blur effect. The performance/imagequality ratio is out of whack for MLAA, you can get the same effect minus blurring with conventional AA tactics. In the shots you can CLEARLY see that MLAA blurs the image. Sorry bro, but I back up my statements with facts.

Pandamobile2816d ago

Jesus Christ, Thillreborn, the amount of stupid that flows out of your comments is just mind blowing.

MLAA is used as a last resort type option when a game can't support MSAA (either for performance reasons, or engine limitations).

MSAA is currently, and still the BEST option for real-time anti-aliasing. The reason why so many PS3 games use MLAA is because they tend to use deferred renderers. MSAA works great on forward rendered games, but it can't be used in a deferred engine (Killzone 2, LBP2, GOW3, GTA IV, etc) because it uses multiple passes to render the lighting.

I know I'm probably talking way above your level of technical know-how, but I'm just trying educate you guys.


Trroy2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )


The framerate hit of MSAA usually makes it < MLAA, in most people's books.

I'd personally take 1280x720 with MLAA over 960x540 with 4xMSAA any day, any game. Who needs top shelf AA, when you you have to trade in half the screen real estate, or 10 fps, to get it?

MLAA is better than 8xMSAA on everything but thin lines, in any case. You're reachin', by claiming that MSAA is "better" than MLAA without all those qualifiers. Do you even realize that most PC gamers turn *off* AA completely, because the frame hit isn't worth it, especially at higher resolutions where AA has less visual impact?

MSAA is great at 480p. Past that, I'd take MLAA any day.