Another Wii Title Ported to PS3

Yet another Wii game is being ported to the PlayStation 3, most likely because the interface of the Move controller is so similar.

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lalalala2814d ago

Lol, some people might want it

AAACE52814d ago

What's funny is, most people said the Wii mainly has shovelware, yet somehow, they will praise this and every other game that gets ported over.

The good news is, Move gets more games. Bad news is, people might see even fewer reasons to own a Wii.

Pillville2814d ago

Offering SOME casual is a lot different than offering ONLY casual.

ChickeyCantor2814d ago

Ah yes,

From that point of view you must think all Wii-games are casual.

Really? Can't you see how silly you sound?

Pillville2814d ago

I wasn't talking about the Wii, and neither was ChistianGamer.

If you look at ChristianGamer's comment history, you'll know what he's talking about.

ChickeyCantor2813d ago

I must apologize, from my understanding you were replying to AAACE5.

The Meerkat2814d ago

I can't wait to see the Lens of Truth on this one.

Ju2814d ago

They might think it runs in a higher resolution but tears a lot. (yeah, like tears my eyes - lol).

Zir02814d ago

At least Move is finally getting some games designed with just motion controls in mind.

DigitalRaptor2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Most games that are made with motion controls in mind end up having very little substance because the main thing being concentrated on is the gimmicky control set.

And Move doesn't NEED games built from the ground up. It will have some, but that is not Sony's aim and it doesn't need unique software to justify it, because it's an ALTERNATIVE to the standard controller, and an OPTION!

Pozzle2814d ago

I'd rather see games like Resident Evil Remake be ported to PS3, tbh. I don't care if the graphics aren't up to scratch or whatever, just give it a low price and sell it on PSN. RE fans who don't own a Gamecube or Wii deserve to play quality titles like this.

Quagmire2813d ago

Resident Evil 4 HD remake for Move, i would buy in a heartbeat. Ive only ever played RE5 which was a meh action game, but I absolutley love Dead Space 2.

Also hoping for a port of Epic Mickey also.

Kran2814d ago

Before, it was 360 games being ported to the PS3. Now it's Wii games. We're coming to get you Nintendo >:D

kramun2814d ago

Yeah, getting 'Dance on Broadway' is awesome!


MeNoRasta2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

You are going on like its a good thing having the ported version ... black ops anyone?

Kran2814d ago

Im not going to buy it. Im just saying.

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The story is too old to be commented.