Breach disappoints more as a downloadable game than as a FPS

Bitmob: When I started my time with Breach, I couldn't overlook how stringently it adhered to genre convention. Developed by Atomic Games, Breach is a download-only first-person shooter that runs the gamut of modern-military tropes. To say Breach finds "inspiration" in Battlefield and Call of Duty is a vast understatement, and a direct comparison to those games does not favor Atomic's shooter. For me, however, the greater disappointment is in the comparison to Breach's downloadable peers.

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choadley3793d ago

Unremarkable is the worst thing a game can be. Besides horribly bad of course.

bbretterson3793d ago

Yeah, knowing a game had potential but flubbed it is worse than a straight-up bad game.

JeffGrubb3792d ago

Yep, especially a problem a week before Black Ops map pack.