Dark Souls: First High Res Scan Emerged

A high res scan of Dark Souls has been emerged.

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Istanbull3790d ago

Looks great! I hope this is a PS3 exclusive, no offence but games tend to get better when they're PS3 exclusive.

RedDead3790d ago

Better graphics surely(besides pc), other than that it's all choices on the devs side, besides Demons Souls could have easily been 360 exclusive and there wouldn't have been a differance, it was hardly a taxing game on the system. It's brillance came from the gameplay alone.

The pic is weird though, the new HUD is really...similar. Can't wait though, Demons souls may have been my fav Ps3 game this gen. It's certainly up there anyway

Masamori Sumimura3790d ago

the game is Multiplatform. First game wasnt Graphically ground breaking and could have been done on the xbox360. Seeing how it got well received on PS3 it's only right they take the sequel on other consoles.

RedDead3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Haha, why is the first pic of Demons souls 1? That confused me...

MAJ0R3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

no dude the HUD is actually the exact same as DS, doesn't matter though because DS was an amazing game

hmm is that first one Demon's Souls?

JAMurida3790d ago

I think all of you are forgetting that Demon's Soul was known for it's gameplay not graphics. So before you guys rage on about fucking graphics again, try and remember what I just said.

Really is said how the first comment on every topic on this site is guaranteed to be someone trying to start some shit or just being ignorant.

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Firstkn1ghT3790d ago

Yeah because Sony never had any exclusives that failed. :/

Anyway, looking forward to a hardcore game. Games just aren't challenging like they used to be.

totallysane3790d ago

Looks great! I hope this is a PS3 exclusive, no offence but games tend to get better when they're PS3 exclusive.

love it how 2 posts after that xbox boys chime in

thorstein3790d ago

This is why I don't comment here often. Of course it is PS3 only. Of course, it is beautiful. It has nothing to do with Xbox 360. It isn't on the PC, the Wii, the DS, or any other console. So......

Oh that's right. Because we can't get over the epic-ly lame console war.

mmmiyysit3790d ago

IDK why people are disagreeing with you. Ps3 exclusives are the best games this gen, in every aspect.

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ps3rider3790d ago

it a multiplatform now, but who care, i am getting it for the PS3

AKA3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

wow this is the exect same copy of DS
cant SONY sue this guys?
"fans love our game"
"let make secound part mull to make more money"
"we cant sony own the ip"
"lets make a new ip and change the name but keep everyting just like DS"
"yeah lets do that"
what a bs, i guess i will have to get this game at a cheap price sometime...

SANTA MONICA please make DS2 please!!!!

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SnakeShady3790d ago

WTF are you talking about???

Aloren3790d ago

You are just ridiculous... stop acting like your one of sony's lawyers and play games cause you like them, not cause it's written sony on the box.

AKA3790d ago

how you want me to enjoy a game that copy DS but does not fallow the history in it, i want to fallow the history not play a copy you losers..

Aloren3789d ago

Ok, so you don't want to play a copy that you're not going to enjoy anyway... so why do you still plan to buy it when it's cheap ? and why didn't you say anything about the story if that's what's bothering you ? I mean you talked about From software wanting to make money, sony owning the IP, but nothing about the story. Read your BS before calling people losers...

AKA3789d ago

The gameplay is soo good!!!
I guess i will have to put my pride on the side and enjoy this baby

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Huwmor3790d ago

I know they just want more sales, but how many more did FF13 get from going multi. Not a lot relative to overall sales. I don't care since I'll be getting it on ps3 and I'm sure it'll be a good version but from the developers standpoint I don't see the extra porting/developing time being worth it. No matter what console you support, resources shared for multiplat release could invariably be focussed into a more polished exclusive. This game will still be awesome no doubt!

Bucky Sligo3790d ago

All multiplats sell equal amounts on both systems more or less with a couple of exceptions (FF13, MW). Making a game multiplat is definitely in the developers advantage. They no doubt did an in depth analysis so I'm sure they wouldn't be doing it if it weren't going to benefit from it.

FailOverHero3790d ago

They got 1.5 million. Or 90 million dollars in sales. May not be 4.4 million on ps3 but I doubt you'd be willing to give them the 90 million they'd miss out on if they'd gone exclusive. So please shut up and stop pretending DS sold anywhere near Final Fantasy

kvg883790d ago

Well, Sony could still have Demon Souls 2 made, but I am looking forward to Dark Souls just as much as I was Demon Souls - seriously, exclusivity has made nazis out of us all - who cares if everyone gets to play the same game on their console of choice? Why is that such a bad thing??? lol

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