New Tales of the Abyss scan

Famitsu shows off a new scan of Tales of the Abyss. How does it stack up to the PS2 game?

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boogeyman9993796d ago

Knowing who this is coming from we will be lucky if we see it in 3 years.

Baka-akaB3795d ago

we wont see it , unless translated by fans , too much new material to translate for those lazy bums .

They already released Abyss in the west on ps2 , and due to their incompetence (like cutting many extra stuff , because they couldnt dub it ) it tanked .

When has namco even re-released a remake in english for a Tales ?

Only Tales of Eternia psp i believe , and it was coming from Ubisoft , and identical to its psx version . not even an extra costume
I believe

Redempteur3795d ago

Baka is right , remakes are for fans and namco believe there aren't fan of tales of games outside japan ... so this remake will never set foot outside most likely ...

so far they haven't annonced any new material for this title so the changes should be minimal ..