Don't be a Dickwolf

The controversy over Penny Arcade's Dickwolves shirts, and the strips that inspired their creation, has almost spiraled out of control. This week's First Person column lays out the history, explains the issues, and argues for some sanity at PAX East 2011.

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GSpartan7773793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

If people want to wear the shirt, just let them. I'm pretty sure less 2% of the people going to PAX will know of this incident and people will wear the shirt regardless, because it looks good. The design of the shirt is well done and someone feeling offended of what they think it represents will not stop others. Why let others ruin your fun right? Someone will ALWAYS get offended for something.

Me wearing a Counter-Strike headshot shirt does not mean I am encouraging people to go headshot each other. If I like the shirt, deal with it.