StarDrone Interview – PSN 2011 Preview

High-speed arcade action game StarDrone, mixes Pinball with Arkanoid into a rather frantic and enjoyable experience – all set in space. After a successful release on the PC, the game will now be coming to the PlayStation 3, with day one Move support, and 3D soon after. Originally developed by Orb Games, the PS3 title is being developed by Beatshapers, with Orb Games fine tuning the game.

To learn about StarDrone and about the difficulties of transferring a mouse game to the PS Move, PlayStation LifeStyle talked to Andriy Sharanevych, Owner and CEO of Orb Games, as part of our PSN Preview Week 2011.

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wolfehound223794d ago

This game looks pretty cool. Definitely a lot going on at once.

BigWoopMagazine3794d ago

it looks intense. indirect controls like this can make for a real interesting game mechanic too when done right, so I definitely want to try this.