Exclusive: Microsoft Speaks on Xbox 360, HD DVD Player

In an exclusive interview with GamePro, a Microsoft hardware manager speaks on the advantages of the company's strategy with the Xbox 360 and HD DVD Player, as well as Sony's weaknesses with the PlayStation 3.

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Marty83705378d ago

What a arseh*le,M$ is scared of PS3 you can tell,all they are doin is put down the things that PS3 has and x360 does'nt PS3/Bluray are the future.

TheMART5378d ago

What an arshole Sony is, scared of 360 you can tell, all they are doing is lie about the things the PS3 should have and 360 has a DVD drive which for gaming is more then enough but Sony wants to push it's new format just to fill it's pockets.

achira5377d ago

haha, they have make in the pants, lol. how can ms talk about weaknesses of the ps3 ? they should look at they crap console. lol this is a joke.

CAPS LOCK5377d ago

but ofcourse they would say good things about the 360, the reason they didnt announce it yet is that it would cost maybe $250-$350 for the hd-dvd and they are not including a hdmi port for some reason, it seems microsoft rushes on they say that hdmi is not finalised yet and one of the ps3 skus dont have one, that shows they are rushing it and they would probably release one later on with hdmi so i would wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.