BioWare Bringing Back Jade Empire?

GameDynamo - "BioWare seems to be prepping gamers for a reintroduction of the Jade Empire franchise with its release of Death's Hand Armor for the Dragon Age Legends closed beta..."

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ironcreed3794d ago

God, I hope so. I fucking loved that game and never understood all the hate. The lore, the characters, the martial arts fantasy and the world simply sucked me in and did not want to let me go. One of BioWare's finest and has heaps of potential to make it even better.

ActionBastard3794d ago

I completely agree. As underrated as Heavenly Sword and 27x better. Please let this be true.

Yi-Long3794d ago

... and bought this game on the first day it came out.

Sadly, I felt it was a little bit too lineair for me, and by the time I got to the big city, I kinda lost interest and stopped playing.

Such a shame, cause like I said, this should have been everything I would want in a game...

pain777pas3793d ago

There is some truth to what Yi-Long is saying. I still have Jade Empire and KOTR right beside each other with DOA Ultimate and Sega GT/JSRF.

Exquisik3794d ago

There was hate on this game?! How could anyone ever hate on Jade Empire? It's one of my favorite game for the XBOX and one of my top 10 RPG for last gen. And I hope this is true, I want to play Jade Empire 2 on this gen consoles or the next!

gamer20103794d ago

That would be like a dream come true to me. Jade Empire is one of my very favorite games from last generation. I loved everything about it. A new Jade Empire would be incredible. I am begging you, Bioware, please make this happen.

ATiElite3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Bioware has easily moved towards the top as one of the best developers in the industry as they have great quality and very strong franchises.

glad to see Jade Empire coming back. Maybe after ME3 and DA2 will they maybe have MDK, Baldur's Gates, Neverwinter Nights, or Shattered Steel make a comeback

baodeus3794d ago

yeah it is a great game, although i do wish that they have more variety in fighting mechanics. One of the best RPG last gen that i played.

pain777pas3793d ago

NGP remake or port with the PS3 and Xbox. Please Bioware.

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distorted_reality3794d ago

Would be VERY surprised.

I'm pretty sure Bioware have enough on their plate to last them a while...

Rhezin3794d ago

Hell yah! Jade Empire was dope as shit I think I remember owning that game. It was like kotor style combat set in some Chinese Dynasty.

Malebaria3794d ago

That'd be awesome! I've just been re-playing past BioWare games, Jade Empire included, and the constant quality they put into their games is mind boggling.

duplissi3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

yeah, bioware along with naughty dog are my two favorit devs, with dice following right behind.

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The story is too old to be commented.