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WhittO3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

wow this looks soo much better than R2!

Not just graphics wise but gameplay too, the weapons look like they have a heavier feel to them and not really light and 'Plastic' like I thought most of R2s weapons did.

They still have 9+ months to finish and polish the game, but you can already see a huge difference and that they have stepped up the graphics and just general interesting gameplay etc in this 1.
Just looking in the background and seeing the trees swaying in the wind and dust flying everywhere, in R2 I couldn't look at the background it was so bad, basically a really low-res picture of a mountain lol!

Day 1 for me..

Edit-- Also, Weapon wheel back FTW!!

Sevir043796d ago

It looks freaking amazing. the particle effects really show of the 5 gen engine they have. TED i love you and your studio!

BattleAxe3796d ago

This is goig to be known as the best ever year in gaming.

cochise3133796d ago

@ whitto

Yeah this game looks sick; i think the reason the guns seem to have a heavier fell is because they had someone from Guerilla games help out during the production. This game looks miles better than R2.

gamer20103796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

It definitely looks a lot better than Resistance 2. It is now easily one of the best looking shooters. The lighting and post processing effects are some of the things I see major improvements in. I also really like how all the trees sway in the wind.

jack_burt0n3796d ago

Make sure you hit the download button the eurogamer player sux on me laptop, the game looks great, only thing missing for me is even more weight and bob, the default view is too static for me needs to be like when he falls over all the time for me make it more immersive but the animations on the chimera are incredible.

moparful993796d ago

Wow you tell Insomniac that they are off their game they take an extra year to develop and create this? For the love of all things holy this looks rediculous..

WhittO3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

^^ Ye I noticed the improved lighting to, when 1 of the chimera fires their bullseye and you can see the red glow reflect on the wall.

lol @ the disagrees, can obv tell they are 'fans of another console' and are jealous they are not getting this title.
While we have this AND Killzone 3 coming this year, we also have Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3!! lol all GOTY quality in a single year.

TheLastGuardian3796d ago

This game looks so fucking sick. I know I'm going to love this game. The atmosphere is amazing. It really looks like the world is coming to an end. So glad the weapon wheel and health pickups are back.

Shooter of the year: Resistance 3
Runner up: Killzone 3

EyeContact3796d ago

who put some Killzone in my Resistance!!!

espiritu6043796d ago

HAHAHA lol lololol I emmidietly laffed!

that made my day, I would set it as background but im using my parents computer lol

badz1493796d ago

and not just the weapons wheel, which looks really slick btw, health bar or health ring now, is back too! Resistance has come back home! day 1!!

kunit22c3796d ago

That looks AMAZING I seriously cant wait ANY longer for this and Uncharted 3! Thank god I have Killzone 3, Portal 2, and Motorstorm Apocalypse to keep me busy till then!

Joni-Ice3796d ago

Ok where is Socomnick. Cant wait to see what he has to say.

BkaY3796d ago

you are pushing me to fake sickness and go home.. coz i cant watch it at work... arrrrrggghhhhh!!


TheLastGuardian3796d ago

Almost All the best PS3 exclusives except MGS4 and GoW 3 are getting sequels this year and they all look like the best in the series. This is going to be such an incredible year for PS3 exclusives.

sdtarm3796d ago


Kevin ButIer3796d ago

That magnum feels so rewarding

InactiveUser3796d ago

It looks both very good and very questionable. It's looking a bit more like Killzone 2/3 than Fall of Man.

I'm loving the environments. The explosions are cool, but it looks like overkill.. something's exploding every second. Also the crosshairs, health gauge, weapon wheel look weird.

The carbine looks like it has less spread than in R2, which is good. Also questionable is all the trailing effects on the bullets, they should probably tone that down a bit.

I'll need to watch it a few more times and get a better look though.

Army_of_Darkness3796d ago

When they start comparing resistance 3 vs. killzone 3 vs. Uncharted 3... It wont matter cause us ps3 owners are gonna enjoy them all regardless!!!

Aloren3796d ago

"remember guys...
When they start comparing resistance 3 vs. killzone 3 vs. Uncharted 3... It wont matter cause us ps3 owners are gonna enjoy them all regardless!!!"

Don't worry about that, I'm pretty sure that N4G is not the place where people have to be reminded of that kind of thing, most people here "remembered" that even before they knew anything about these games.

Anyway, I hope resistance still feels like resistance, It's a much more enjoyable license than killzone imo.

lil Titan3796d ago

if the PSN game Dead Nation could be a FPS and instead of zombies there where aliens...I think i'd look just like this

sobekflakmonkey3796d ago

im gonna be honest...that actually kinda looked better than anything ive seen for killzone 3, dont get me wrong i love killzone, and the 3rd looks amazing, but this...just wowed me...i wasnt expecting all that, totally blew my expectations out of the water.

InactiveUser3796d ago

My last comment I was looking at the video on my phone with a stop and go connection and I mistook the marksman for the carbine.. so the carbine isn't shown and you can ignore my comment about the way it shoots.

Yea, ok, we get it.. everyone jizzed on themselves. Great. How about we look at the actual footage and see what's going on.

Like R:FoM...
Weapon Wheel - It holds 12 now instead of 8. Looks fine, but there should be an option to drop weapons online, or you'll be doing a ton of switching to get to certain weapons if you use the tap to switch method.

Health Pickups - This is good. Obviously wouldn't be good for online, but in an R:FoM Campaign way it is good. If it's just Campaign, which it should be, then this is good.

----------------------------- -------------------------

Like R2...
Running - He runs like R2, meaning no running backwards (at least none that I noticed), no moving at the speed of thought. This was not a Positive in the Resistance franchise. This was a reduction of freedom. This also brings the questions.. did they fix where you stop running when you drop off a ledge? Did they fix being able to run with map/scoreboard open?

----------------------------- -------------------------

Tap to Crouch instead of Hold to Crouch - and on the O button? Why? What happened to L2? I'm assuming there's an option for this, but still questionable. We need a ridiculous guy crouching symbol to tell us we're crouched? Does this mean there's lying down also if you need that symbol? I doubt there's lying down, just pointing out that the symbol is unnecessary. You can figure out whether you're crouched or not about 4 seconds into learning the game.

The arc showing when you have someone tagged - This is casual BS. We don't need a line showing where our bullets are going. Explain how it works in the manual, get rid of the arc. Resistance players know how the bullseye works and newcomers can figure it out without the arc showing.

Bullseye fires faster when you have someone tagged? - That's what it looks like to me just after the 1min mark. This is noob, quick kill garbage if it translates to online multiplayer.

Action overkill - Everything is exploding, every bullet looks like a comet with a giant trail on it. Tone this down a bit. IMO it's way too much. Why are enemies exploding anyway?

No target bombers? - The grenade around 2:10 is thrown at the chimera's feet, but isn't a target bomber. This is another negative. Target bombers rewarded arcing aim and the ability to judge your target's movements.

The environment - looks great with the wind, spinning STOP sign, etc.

That's a quick review.. if you disagree with this, then you're most likely a casual player that has no clue what you're talking about, and you're probably still jizzing all over each other and it's crusting around your eyelids, so you can't really see what you're watching..

ChineseDemocracy3796d ago

Health bar!

Looking solid, 2011 ftw.

hakis863795d ago

WOW! sick video.
The Brawler makes the Locust look like babycakes! :O)1
I can't wait to see what else we'll bump into in this game

doa7663795d ago

tehre's killzone all over my resistance!!

OneSneakyMofo3795d ago

It looks better than R2, but it doesn't have the appeal that Killzone 3 or Uncharted 3 have brought me. There's no epic moments that hype me up. I will hold my judgment though as I know this is an early level and there'll probably be something sooner or later that will blow my mind.

shadow27973795d ago

Bravo Insomniac. My hype for this game has just increased ten-fold, and it was already pretty dang high!

jrbeerman113795d ago


remember that while resist2 didnt have the best graphics (not saying they were bad but beaten). its single player had a lot of great moments. that trailer shown here was very impressive with not only the effects and detail in the graphics, but great scale and size that resistance is all about.

resistance isnt afraid of throwing a giant at you for epic moments. this guy is bigger than most fps and is pretty small compared to what we will probably see in finished product.

very excited for this game, actually need to pick up Resist 2 again because that was a great game.

Crazyglues3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Ok, Shi% just got Real... LoL - Wow -apparently when you put a 3 in the title of your game, and your game is coming out on PS3 then that means it's going to be Awesome..

Killzone 3

Uncharted 3

and now

Resistance 3... Wow

-this game is looking amazing.. Day One buy...

I just still can't believe the game is coming out this Amazing- particle effect, the weather, the lighting.. Wow... so much going on in one scene.. Stunning

hopefully they went back to how it was in part 1 to kill an enemy as apposed to part 2 which sucked and felt way to easy to kill enemies...

I Can't Wait


Theonetheonly3795d ago

@ all

fake and gay

i just wanna bend signs with bullets !!!!


im just kidding you know i love you

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clank5433796d ago

I love how the enemies just explode when they die. Thats awesome!

deafwing3795d ago

hmmm they did bump up the animations indeed ...

gustave1543795d ago

I agree it ramps up the fun factor by a lot xD

ABizzel13796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )


This is everything I could want from Resistance 3. Back to basics with the things that made part 1 good such as non-regenerating health, the weapon wheel, and level design (this reminds me of the scene where you fought the stalker for the first time in FOM by that fountain). While improving things like graphics, character design, and effects. The dust blowing in the wind and blinding you looks so good.

The only thing I noticed off was the audio. The magnum sounds funny, the wind was too loud, and the "splat" sound the chimera make when they die sounds weird, but at this stage, it's probably not final. The scene where he got knocked down needs some polish, but it's great that they're doing little things like this to improve the dynamics of the shoot outs.

It seems a little more Gears of War like than the others, with more blood and the big Berserker monster (I miss the Berserker in Gears), but I don't think that's a bad thing at all, as long as they stay true to the predecessors.

All in all I'm really impressed with this, and R3 just make bump a game off my top 5 list, because I already know it's going to be in my top 10.

cleanhealthy123796d ago

L1 aiming? fail. not even gonna get this. they just made a r2 with pretty graphics instead of what the real fans wanted, and by real fans i dont mean these retards (pretty much sony fanboys) who just buy it and play it for a month tops. I played the original rfom for 2 and a half years, and r2 was so bad i played 10 games. this looks the same just without the cartoon graphics. they need to stop making it nub friendly and go back to the original formula.

Kurt Russell3796d ago

I don't know the franchise as I never played resistance only resistance 2. But I really liked resistance 2, and this game looks great to me :(

Kleptic3795d ago


We don't yet know what control options the game will have...just because this demo (which may be showing default settings) has hold L1 for aim...doesn't mean it will HAVE to be that way...

and most of us prefer that now anyway...if you are talking about aiming by clicking R3...thats as old as Halo 1...and most of us no longer prefer it...the introduction of L1 aiming in R2 was literally the only thing I liked about it...

visually this does look impressive, especially compared to R2...Its more like fall of man, with a major bump technically...thats really what most fall of man fans wanted in R2...and got far from it...

but i'm still questioning the lighting; by far the most visually annoying aspect of Resistance as a franchise so far...multiple NPC's would step out of shadows into 'bright light' and it would have no effect on their character model...That was the biggest problem for me with any of the resistance engines...It makes npc's and enemies appear as if they are 'glowing' or something...its an area of lighting that Killzone 2 (and especially 3) was so ridiculously impressive I can't go back to the 'older' way...The PS3 has proved to be an absolute beast with lighting in other shooters, i hope they get R3 at least fully up to par...

Explosions and particle effects are massively better now though, so thats a great thing...the game appears to have procedural wind, where the trees and signs were being whipped around a lot more when the ship in the background was also effected all the particle effects...

Animation appears to have come around nicely...Everything was happening so quickly it was tough to get a good idea until we see more...but it definitely wasn't noticeably fake...which in most situations is a sign of good animation in and of itself...

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davekaos3796d ago

The game has changed so much, im really impressed, also take another look at the video and notice how much shit is going on in the background!!.

Thumbs up if you like the new HUD

WhittO3796d ago

Ye I noticed how good and fluid the HUD looks.

Really CANT WAIT for this game now, I had hopes it would turn out good but just by looking at this and seeing everything they have improved and changed, it's exactly what the fans were wanting.

ipwnall3796d ago

The new HUD is amazing. You know what's better? The explosions...Jeez, there is going to be some insane fun when we have Resistance 3 vs Killzone 3 graphic battles.

lightningsax3795d ago

Absolutely! Loved the HUD, and long live the radial menu!!

I also really liked that this gameplay video didn't spoil anything; it just let you know how this game looks and feels. It's a classy presentation.

Ju3795d ago

What looks even better is the wind! Err, take that back, the storm! Man, that stop sign got ripped off by the storm. That combined with all those particle effects. Wow. This game will give KZ3 a run for the money.

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redDevil873796d ago

The atmosphere in the game looks great! Insomiac are going all out for resistance 3

gunnerforlife3796d ago

A FLIPING-MAZING!!! first day buy. no doubt!!!

Mista T3796d ago

it looks so freakin good! thank you Insomniac for bringing back the weapon wheel!

The environments are amazing, it feels like you're really there and it's so intense and the gameplay looks great. Day 1 that's for sure

SoapShoes3796d ago

The graphics are highly improved! R2 had much better graphics than R1 and now this! Every installment has a nice jump in graphics.

bluwulf3796d ago

Yes, but have you guys seen the Still Images from Crysis 2 and Rage?!?!

(gigantic /s)

Bathyj3796d ago

I haven't seen them but I read a journalist's impression describing them.

They sound like they look like they're awesome.


iceman063796d ago

Bubs up for the laugh as always!!!

jadnice3796d ago

I highly doubt Crysis 2 on console can even come close to the graphical presentation that Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 will produce. It clear no third party developer can hold a candle to PS 1st and 2nd party developers. Plus we all know the game play and story elements will be top notch.

Plus I will get Crysis 2 for the PC as I did for Dead Space 2.... the console versions are just not up to par to the PC version.

PirosThe4th3796d ago

I had to buy Dead Space 2 on Ps3 just for Extraction. It looks pretty damn good for a multiplatform...
I was really impressed. I might get the PC version later just to check it out.

Resistance 3 is day one buy for me!

pain777pas3796d ago

Resistance series in underated. It is a little Halowish instead of the KZ2 or BFBC or COD. I think that the game is fun. Loved the first game and honestly the second game is fun. The story is not as good as the first only because of the way it was told. I did find myself having the ME feeling of when will they stop talking so i hope for interactive cutscenes ala UC2.

Ju3795d ago

LOL at the disagrees ;)

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callahan093796d ago

Seriously. The area with all the wind and smoke and debris effects was mindblowing.

pain777pas3796d ago

Resistance has been Killzonified.

Ju3795d ago

Resist the Killzone ;)

Nah, Resistance in Killzone, much better. Boy, why I'm still looking for a new girlfriend. I will be busy the whole year anyway. F that. LOL

TBM3796d ago

have always loved IG so this is a no brainer for me. love this series and R&C.

CryofSilence3796d ago

That was amazing. I have full confidence in this game now.

fanboi hater3796d ago

awesome love how the games art style has returned to that of the original and the gameplay looks fantastic

FACTUAL evidence3796d ago

omggggg....yo looks hot...but wtf...why did they take out regenerating health!?!? That healt meter looks so dam corney and in the way.

Sevir043796d ago

Its back to basics. *spoiler* remember, that in R2 the virus evolved enough to where you were becoming a chimera so regen health was neccessary! Now though, there is a cure for the Chimeran virus and it's widely availible to those that are still alive. so the regeneration of health is no longer a game play mechanic. remember also that The first Resistance was praised for it's theatrical undertones of survival and horror. that was not present in Resistance 2 because it went all military with regen like COD. That feeling of dread and "i need to survive for my wife and dying son" is ever present in this and thats why i love this soo much. t's back to being original, back to being resistance.

THE PS3's Premier FPS is back for it's throne! and by the end of 2011 Killzone 3 as amazing as it's going to be, will have to step down and be the right hand of the true FPS flagship title on the PS3. :-)

Screw Crysis 2 Rage and Brink and dont even bring COD in here. It's all about Resistance and Killzone franchises this year.

Ju3795d ago

R1 without regenerating health - in the beginning before Hale gets infected - in hard mode is, err, pretty hard. Damn. At least this is a linear health meter not one split in quarters. That should help.

Christopher3796d ago

Really like the art direction with this game. And, looks like they're making weapons a bit more fun to have and use as well.

WildArmed3796d ago

Some jerk told me to use up all my bubbles... so here I go..

Anyways, R3 is looking great.
Loved how they went back to non-regen HP :D