Homefront: The Most Realistic Shooter This Generation, A True Sleeper Hit Interview Must See

Homefront is more than just a breathe of fresh air, this game has Heavy Rain type of emotion within it's characters and setting.

This game is deep, it's real and when you get your hands on the multi-player you'll understand why this game deserves to be in the top 10 of FPS games this generation. Exactly how Dead Space came from left field and took over the survival horror genre, this game will be a leading force in the FPS genre.

The moment you play this game and get a good feel of the action and what it's about you will be hooked.

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Hitman07693794d ago

This game looks like all bases are covered. Awesome multiplayer, sick story, what more can you ask for?

Pandamobile3794d ago

Here's hoping it doesn't turn out to be a piece of crap.

I really want this game to be good.

Pixelated_Army3794d ago

Still on the fence about this game....hmmm we'll see how PS3 development goes.

I like HHG on cam personality.

fromasterjay3794d ago

I'm waiting for the review personally...

sobekflakmonkey3793d ago

"something ive never seen before"

Freedom Fighters, perhaps...?

I hate the fact that nobody ever remembers that game, i personally loved it..

Persistantthug3794d ago

Can't DL the vidicle right now, but hopefully I can later.

visualb3793d ago

...dude you're first in ever HHG!

anyway, about the video, does he mean gameplay wise? ArmA II and even BF3 will surpass it, not to mention this is set in the future...whats realistic about that which we have no reference point of.


ArmA II, Crysis and KZ2/3 have something to say there...

I don't see homefront being "the most..." anything, just a solid FPS shooter experience

jaredhart3794d ago

HHG article/video titles are really annoying.

Coffin873793d ago

Yeah it's like.. hey a cool interview! Oh wait.. HHG.. Imma close the tab.

dillydadally3793d ago

Yeah, I never thought that HipHopGamer would ever convince me to preorder a game :P Well, I never thought I'd actually watch another of his videos, but this game does look and sound incredible.

I hope the word gets out and people buy it if it's all it's made out to be. I want to see developers that are trying different things succeed, and I'm sick of everyone buying nothing but CoD even though it doesn't change year after year.

BetaChris3794d ago

I'm intrigued with what I've seen of Homefront thus far. While I don't think it's necessarily going to become the next big thing in the genre, the deliberately plausible story, large maps, and unique Battle Points system certainly warrant a closer look.

ME19893794d ago

Fucking knew it was hiphopgamer.

Ch1d0r13794d ago

Me too. He gets us all the time. At least his very entertaining.

MysticStrummer3794d ago

Always look before you click.

ME19893793d ago

That's what she said.

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The story is too old to be commented.