Top Spin Dev: Hardcore Didn't Want Move Support

Top Spin 4 is going to take some great strides forward for the tennis genre when it's released, but the inclusion of PlayStation Move support wasn't a step that the hardcore audience wanted according to Stephane Dupas, the president of 2K Czech.

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Selyah3793d ago

I know I won't be using move with this, motion controls always seem to feel a bit too inaccurate to me.

JDouglasGU3793d ago

yeah, i doubt i'll be playing with them either.

mephman3793d ago

Well, they claim it offers the same experience - but I guess we won't be able to tell until it's released.

TBM3793d ago

Im not worried about what is said by this particular developer. It seems that all they do this gen is open their mouths and insert their foots.

Move is logical for a tennis game.

tweex3793d ago

WHAT?!?! Seriously, Move is a logical step for a tennis game.....

smoothdude3793d ago

I would much rather wait for a tennis game built from the ground up for Move.

Shazz3793d ago

i wont use move mainly coz im very lazy lol

ddelella3793d ago

I don't care about move but Kinect support is always a plus for sports games. Even if it is not the primary control perhaps support to enable Kinect controls.

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The story is too old to be commented.