Guerrilla’s War: Steven ter Heide on Killzone 3

With Killzone 3′s open beta starting tomorrow in the US and on Thursday in Europe, Guerrilla senior producer Steven ter Heide filled VG247 in on what to expect from the test and plenty more.

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Dart893795d ago

21 days left.*Freezes himself till the 22nd lol*

gijsbrecht3795d ago

Nope, I'm going to have some fun with the 'Frozen Dam' MP map as from the 3rd.

Dart893795d ago

Crap forgot about that.

AKA3795d ago

And then the demo on the 14 i think, if is the e3 demo it will be fun to play againg!!!

I need to get a 3d tv asap

DoomeDx3795d ago

I find it funny, that the first comment of each article has nothing to do with the article, just the game where the article is about.

"“There’s a specific strategy. We didn’t want to reveal a lot early on. With Killzone 2 we showed a lot of the game ahead of time; preview code, I think, included half the game. This time round we wanted to go with a smaller sub-set, try to see if we could make people hungry for more, with the final blow-out closer to launch."

I like that strategy.

eterry3795d ago

i really hope there is split-screen online, its the only reason i play black ops as much as i did

LoaMcLoa3795d ago

Indeed, there is no reason why they wouldn't include it.

DoomeDx3795d ago

There actually is!
We'll, slightly.

Online competetive multiplayer is possible,
but online campaign coop might get tricky!

The campaign is intense, very intense, and alot of stuff is happening on screen. It will take a lot of uploading-data in order to sync with your partner. And many MANY people dont have powerfull enough internet for that

Splitscreen is Local (ofcourse), so it doesnt have to upload data every second.

But ofcourse, knowing GG, they will think of something which will make it work!

eterry3794d ago

i know the game is gonna be great, and i dont wanna take turns playing matches when my friend comes over. i will play it for some much longer if they include it

AKA3795d ago

"I still think we’re going to see improvements in what we’re able to do on PlayStation 3.”
He kind of confirm that they will make more games for the PS3.

“I don’t think it’s going to go away any time soon, but I think it’s also interesting to start exploring a new IP. It’s all very early days – we haven’t even had a break yet from developing Killzone 3 – but after the break I think we’re going to start putting our heads together and figuring out what we’re going to do next, and whether that’s making a lot of headway into the new IP or more in the Killzone universe, that’s something that we have to decide on then.”

KILLZONE 4 or new IP?

#1 option,
Just make a new IP if is not to late and give us KILLZONE 4 for the ps4,
#2 option,
or if is to late give us KILLZONE 4 for the ps3 and the new IP for the Ps4.
Anyting is welcome. Thanks GG...

gijsbrecht3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

We already know that a ( new ? ) Killzone game will be made for the new handheld, but if GG is directly involved is not so sure and even unlikely. So a good chance is that a new installment made by GG will apppear on the PS4. And if the rumors about some Fantasy first person game are true, then I would really look forward to that. But first KZ3 ofcourse. Good to know that they showed relatively little.

Dr-Zoidberg3794d ago

It is good there isn't much revealed, although it feels a lot has been seen. I think KZ3 might take us by surprise about how much there is in the game. I suppose KZ2 was a showcase for what could be done but I think more attention has been put on the game this time around