Second CGI DC Universe Online Trailer

TSA writes:

"Just before Christmas, Sony Online Entertainment stunned the gaming realm with their CGI trailer for DCUO, created by Blur studio. Today, a second trailer has been released, depicting the events after the Brainiac invasion, and it’s just as awesome, including a sinister twist at the end."

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Sidology2816d ago

First trailer made it seem like Lex had become such a good guy.


erathaol2816d ago

Lex has always been a silver tongued devil.

bask_in_glory2816d ago

Love this trailer, especially the twist at the end. Bravo SOE!

soundslike2816d ago

my guess is well see alternate universe batman in future raids

rhood0222816d ago

uh oh..Batman's gonna be maaad.

eggbert2816d ago

how does he survive..?

rhood0222815d ago

How'd he survive survive the first trailer? Which ended with a similar massive explosion?

Besides. It's Batman. He. Always. Survives.

Quagmire2816d ago

I dont gettit, can someone please explain.

Chaostar2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

*takes deep breathe*

In the first CGI you see an 'end-war' style battle between DCs top superheroes and villians in which Lex Luthor kills superman only to realise the planet is about to assimilated by Brainiac. You see Lex talking with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman after traveling back in time from this doomed future and he releases the exobytes into Earths atmosphere creating all the 'player' heroes and villains.

This new CGI is obviously set in the future after the 'end-war' and it turns out that Lex has teamed up with Batman to activate some kind of time traveling device in the Fortress of Solitude. All this under the guise that he would send a hero back in time to save the world with stolen exobytes, however Lex has, as always, an ulterior motive and betrays future Batman, taking the exobytes for himself and travelling back in time.

I'm not sure if I explained that thoroughly enough (or coherently as I'm tired) but I hope you get the gist :)

Loving this game by the way.

Quagmire2816d ago

ohk, i gettit, then who was the guy at the end of the new CGI who was talking to Lex?

Chaostar2815d ago

lol It's himself from the past :D literally talking to himself.

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