First Dark Souls scan

Check out the first scan of Dark Souls (Project Dark/Demon's Souls successor) from Famitsu.

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SnakeMustDie3281d ago

Looking good. "Bring more Dark Souls"

Daver3281d ago

It looks exactly like Demon's souls not that I complain but i guess Namco saw the potential of Demon's souls and wanted to try to make money with going multiplatform with it

frostypants3281d ago

It looks a bit more colorful. I get the feeling that the atmosphere will be quite a bit different...probably less oppressive.

As long as they don't nerf the difficulty though, I'm happy.

K3nji3280d ago

I really hope it isn't less oppressive, that made the atmosphere for me! =(

Bits-N-Kibbles3280d ago


translate as much as you can = massive amounts of bubbles

ChineseDemocracy3280d ago

I agree, as long as they keep the difficulty it's all good!

Bits-N-Kibbles3280d ago

by Atlus Games. I thought I heard that this was going to be very similar to Demon's Souls. From the trailers and stuff it looks promising. But now it may be a game to tie me over till Dark Souls depending on the release dates.


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kaveti66163280d ago

demon's souls looks pretty bad.

Vaud-Villian3280d ago

You're getting this from a handful of slightly in focus but low rez scan's from a magazine?

Must of landed on "Ignorant conclusion" on your Jump to a Conclusion Mat.

Snakefist303280d ago


Next Time Troll harder!

Jaces3280d ago

So fu*king stoked for this!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Need to hurry up and beat Demons Souls.

Where can I get Royal Lotus btw? That poison world is ripping me to pieces and that poison ring is useless.

@below: Will do. thx.

Marked3281d ago

increase your magic power.... its your only friend in DS.

klado3281d ago

DS? Dark soul or Demon soul? lol

Btw, who is behind this game dev?

kramun3281d ago

From Software, the same people that made Demons Souls.

beavis4play3281d ago

lots of royal lotus in "tower of latria". but increasing magic is a big help.

MysticStrummer3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Royal Lotus can be found in the Tower of Latria. Also, in the second level of the Tower world there is an NPC in a cage. He has armor that will really help. Maybe he will give it to you. Probably not. ; )

frostypants3281d ago

Ah yes, Yurt. Such a bastard. him, and see what happens a bit

beavis4play3281d ago

yea - i let yurt go because i thought that was a good thing - until i come across him in the nexus......i killed him and i really liked his armor.

TheDivine3280d ago

I knocked that fool off the ledge lol. Nice armor btw.

DragonKnight3280d ago

You can get Royal Lotus from the prisoners in world 3, the jellyfish in world 5, and the dirty woman in world 5. But, if you get a Regenerator's Ring, and get the Adjudicator's Shield to +5, the poison will not reduce your life at all. And it's even better if you're a faith build and have a +5 Blessed weapon because it also restores HP per second.

And magic power is not your only friend, you'll get crushed by a faith build if you believe that.

Pillage053280d ago

anit-magic field...most stupid spell ever....

...if you can't tell, I played mainly magic characters :P

BlackTar1873280d ago

Exgamer you should have a Cure spell if you need help and your on the US server i can drop about 30 of those Royal lotus for you.

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Marked3281d ago

Cant wait to pull the rest of my hair out, since I still have some left after finishing demons souls LOL.

???? how is that pisture concidered a scan????

BlackTar1873280d ago

You wouldnt happen to have a friend ring ?

american_ninja3281d ago

Damn, there doesn't seem to be any reference for which console it's coming out. Maybe AndriaSang has some details...

byeGollum3281d ago

seen some where, ps3 and 360

Ch1d0r13280d ago

its going multiplatform. 360 guys will love this game.

madjedi3280d ago

If it's anything like demons souls i am guessing, more anger and cussing than love.

Ch1d0r13279d ago

@ Madjedi this game might actually red ring a few Slim 360's. I do hope it has voice chat on the PS3 ver.

CaitSith3280d ago

PS3 only in Japan. Everywhere else it's multiplatform.

polestar43279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

i am a dum ass i am a dum ass i did not see at the end.i was to busy going omg omg yes yes im just glad they did it.sorry one more time guys and girls.

american_ninja3281d ago

Wait...never mind, I checked just now and it is indeed coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Though only oversas, in Japan, it will be PS3-only.