NGP vs. iPhone 4: Epic's Citadel Tech Demo Comparison

In this article they compared Epic Games' Citadel tech demo between the NGP and iPhone 4 from Apple.

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pedrami912818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Both footages were taken off-screen.

And as a Youtuber said:
"how can you tell the difference if the two games are running different scenes in opposite landscapes?"

AndrewRyan2818d ago

Yes, and the tech demo actually runs at a low framerate which also counts. I am sure I could blast crysis to maximum settings and it would look great, but the framerate would not be impressive.

NGP has better specs then the iPhone by a mile, therefore the NGP wins. This is a stupid comparison.

sloth33952818d ago

on the NGP you have more going on in the screen then you do on the Iphone

klado2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Until when?

This Android/Iphone comparisons against handheld dedicated consoles will become as superfluous as the PC vs Consoles is now a days, I mean, with these devices having a upgrade yearly if not monthly for the android's side making dedicated gaming devices fall short in process or simply RAW power so there can be expected better perfomance in games, just like Crisis showed in comparison to consooles.

The point? it may not be that fair comparing this or that having more going on, also expect a bunch of android/iphones fans coming next to the fanboy table.

"But when it comes to gaming, Handheld/consoles > PC/android games"


visualb2818d ago


next, lets compare HD TV footage quality to my phone footage quality...<_>

P1NKY2818d ago

OK. These are recorded off screen, no doubt using different cameras which will greatly affect what each one looks like. Plus they are in different places all the time and in a different season to one another.


Im sorry but how the hell do u compare a hand held GAMING device to a MOBILE phone??????

Jio2818d ago

I hope the NGP can finally bring an end to Mobile phone gaming fanboys. Mobile phone games are NOTHING compared to real handheld games.

klado2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Just like people started comparing pc gaming device to Console gaming device.

@Jio, it will only do contrary to your wish, these comparisons will become the norm but this time for portable settings, take a look to the xperia play, what if Iphone comes with something like that? or HTC?.

Best sony did, was the pssuite and no the NGP, relly don't know nintendo.

nycredude2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

How is comparing pc gaming to console the same or even similarto comparing NGP to iphone gaming. I wonder if if guys actually believe what you write sometimes.

Phone has NO controls but touch screen!

Sure PC is powerful but the games, other than a higher resolution and fps are largely the same experience.

klado2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )
Say again?

AnD yes I believe what I wrote up there, if no, why would I even try to state myself in the first place?.

Do your homework first mate.

arjman2818d ago

I can't believe people are actually taking time out of their day to compare these two devices, NGP is a quad core, quad gpu handheld vs the iphone 4 and its single core, single gpu... NGP literally takes a dump on the iphone and all other smartphones.
All these tegra 2 'monsters' are only just hopping on the dual core ship, more like neutered 'monsters'.

dredgewalker2818d ago

Don't forget the NGP has "buttons".

Zorda20972818d ago

*pew pew pew*...
Oh wait I mean *swipe swipe swipe* if that is more relevant :D

dredgewalker2818d ago


Lol...I wasn't taking potshots at the Kinect. I rarely play with my ipod touch cause the touchscreen only works with certain games. My fingers need the tactile feel of buttons in order for me to game properly.

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