New Dead or Alive: Dimensions User Interface Images – Character & Mode Selection Screens Revealed

Continuing the stream of all-new images taken from the forthcoming Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Electronic Theatre now brings you a series of images showcasing the user interface featured in the game. Dead or Alive: Dimensions is currently in development exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system, and expected to be available later this year.

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Redempteur2817d ago

Runaway ninja is a profession , now ?

couldn't have say it better like ...exiled ninja , or just ninja ...?

Agent Smith2816d ago

They also put the age of the underage girls this time to make you feel better.

RedPawn2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Nice character select screen, this and Super Street Fighter 4 will be my 1st purchases.

Looks like KOFXIII, with a bend.

Neko_Mega2816d ago

So is Nintendo going to use the old saying that they did when DS first came out? "Go Head, Touch It, You Know You Want To".

Would work perfect for this game lol.