The Games We Regret Buying

KJ of TLR Writes "The editors of TLR have gotten together to bring you the games they regret buying. This list Starts with Current Gen games, and goes all the back to the Super Nintendo. Mistakes were made, evil companies were paid."

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jim2wheels2869d ago

Resident Evil 5 - such a turd.

chazjamie2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

demons souls, i do regret purchasing that. I found it boring, try kliing a dragon in that game. Then you know what i mean. After completing more than half of the game, i realised i could never get the best weapons. So i restarted, and i swear i have never been this bored with a game in my life ever.i still have it. I heard the servers are going to be shut down. Oh well, would of been awesome to have that platinum trophy.

Edit: I am fully aware of the Demons Souls argument on this site( only a true gamer who has patience can appreciate the TRUE nature of the game or a gamer who has denounced titles such as Call of Duty, Madden etc... and so on). It was not my cup of tea.

antz11042869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

LMAO, agreed.

Oh, and since it already came up today I'd like to mention LOTR Conquest.

gypsygib2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

MW2: The SP sucked compared to COD4, it felt like a bunch of missions that had little to do with a non-existent overarching story. And the 2/3rds of the kills in MP weren't done by first person shooting a guy, they were done the computer, they totally overemphasized the killstreaks.

hennessey862869d ago

cod4 had perfect multiplayer to the point where i would play it every day without fail and as soon as mw2 came along with the stupid amount of killstreaks and all the noobs camping it ruined it and ive only ever liked one treyark game and that was cod 3, black ops is poor

just_looken2869d ago

i own 40 ps3 games i would only recommend 6.

BiggCMan2869d ago

Wtf? I also have close to 40 and I would recommend around 25 to 30 of them. There are a few I traded in because I regretted buying them like Need for Speed Pro Street, Spider man 3, and a few others.

ian722869d ago

I have 85 Blu-ray games for my PS3 and don't regret buying any. Not all are great games, but I have had plenty of fun playing them.
I have only completed around 20 to 30 of them and Its nice to have a large choice of games to play.

Hallow2869d ago

Please list the 40 games you own, and tell us what six you recommend

just_looken2869d ago

my recommend
uc 1/2

Sub-Zero852869d ago

Black Ops is the only game I regret buying !!

WharenPeace2869d ago

I have to agree with you. I definitely regret buying Call of Duty Black Ops.

NeutralGamer2868d ago

Was I the only one who liked BO?

I hated MW2, but I actually liked BO :I

I mean it had better MP, SP and Zombies...

Sub-Zero852868d ago

Yea its bad when the screwed up the ps3 version .... and we have to suffer with a broken game !!!

TBM2869d ago

Mine was fable 2 what a huge disappointment

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