Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (NDS) -

"Thankfully, this "Let's try somethin' weird!" trend is spreading, because now we have an adventure-mystery called Ghost Trick." ~ Kevin S. Schaller

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Volpone3796d ago

Yet another promising idea on DS that falls a bit short in the execution. Maybe like Scribblenauts, they'll get it right in the sequel...

stormeagle63796d ago

Huh. I was really hoping this would be really amazing, but I guess it's more along the lines of decently solid.

dbjj120883796d ago

No idea what this game is about, but I don't play much on my DS anyways.

TryingToHabeeb3795d ago

I'm pretty hooked on this game, but I'm also a huge Ace Attorney fan...

I think its very well executed. On top of that the visual style is something that really stands out.

Koolaye3793d ago

Can't decide if I want to really check this game out or not.