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"The HD remake binge we've witnessed from Sony the last couple years has been by all accounts a great success. Fans rejoiced at the ability to replay their favourite moments from both God of War and Sly Cooper in glorious HD on PS3. With the Team Ico collection on the way, things are looking bright, but there's still plenty of franchises that need revisiting. The following is our PS3 HD remake wish list, in alphabetical order."

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Hardedge3791d ago

An MGS HD collection would be awesome.

ShawnCollier3791d ago

I haven't played MGS before, but I'd probably bite if the price was right.

JDouglasGU3791d ago

well based on precedent it would be $39.99

Hardedge3791d ago

It'll likely cost the same as any HD collection Sony's already put out.

ExplosionSauce3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I think the article is confusing "remakes" with remastered HD collections.
He speaks of improving game mechanics and so on.

Don't see the use of turning PS1 games into HD. It would look too pixelated.
PS2 games on the other hand, yes.

Unless those PS1 games were to be remade entirely, then yes.

HD Collections I'd like to see:
- Jak and Daxter 1, 2 and 3
- Ratchet & Clank 1, 2 and 3
- MGS 2 and 3

Remakes I'd like to see:
- MGS1

mephman3791d ago

I think there are quite a few people who would kill for a Kingdom Hearts HD collection.

Hardedge3791d ago

Totally agree with that, the question is if Square Enix would be willing to do it.

George Sears3791d ago

Only thing I would want from the old MGS games is if they revive the classic that was Subsistence MGO. #6 TDM, #32 SNE #22 All Rank baby!

I was watching some old footage a friend of mine added on Youtube about some games that he was playing and I was with him. Damn those were some good solid times.

mephman3791d ago

Yea, MGO was great - when it didn't have lag. xD

George Sears3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Yeah that's true but that really wasn't my issue. The thing that was a bit annoying is that once your F.H. it's hard to find people willing enough to play against you.

Everytime I used to join a game I immediately saw "The host has kicked you out from the game returning to main menu". This and goddam glitchers weren't no fun.

The special characters were very unbalanced as well. The only ones I used to add on my games were the Reiko sisters because they were the only equally fair bunch. They were pretty hot as well. =P

Got to admit though. Playing as Ocelot online was pretty cool. "I never knew reloading on the middle of batlte could be so thrilling" "Reloading like this, it's a revolution!"

Xof3791d ago

We don't need HD remakes of Metal Gear or Ratchet, as both of those games already have current-gen iterations. FFVIII... well, it'd be nice to have a decent FF game on the PS3 before Versus XIII... but that would be a full-blown remake, and the content of this... paltry article seems to indicate more "PS2 Blu-Ray Ports" instead of actual remakes.

In which case, I would say the super-big games that need to make the jump, barring the return of BC....

Persona 3: Fes & Persona 4 Collection--the PS3's last big hits, after all.

Final Fantasy Trilogy (FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII)

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (GTA3, GTA:VC and GTA:SA)

Jak and Daxter Trilogy (obvious choice here)

Legacy of Kain Trilogy (Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Defiance)

Ace Combat Trilogy (4, 5 and 0)

Suikoden Trilogy (III, IV--maybe--and the fantastic V).
We need Suikoden II on the PSN, too.

And maybe a few other single titles that really stood out. Stuff like Okami and Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII and so on and so on.

Sony's REALLY dropped the ball. They've held back B/C in order to sell these HD ports, but have barely released any HD ports. That kind of thing really only serves to build up resentment.

mephman3791d ago

Surely GTA works the same way as MGS and Ratchet though? We have GTA IV this gen.

Legacy of Kain would be awesome - really miss playing that.

Hardedge3791d ago

there's already GTAIV this gen and possibly GTAV?

Ace Combat Assault Horizon looks like a sweet reboot for the franchise.

I'd love to see a Suikoden remake/HD Collection

ugabugaz3791d ago

Syphon Filter reboot on the PS3.

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