Fighting Games: Stop With The Cheap Final Bosses

It’s almost common knowledge to many fighting game fans, that every final boss has to be cheap is some form or fashion.

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maverick8782814d ago

I saw a clip of Galactus as the end-boss in MvC3. I would literally last about 3 seconds.

jbl3162814d ago

the MvC2 boss was a hard one to beat too...

deafwing2814d ago

funny ... I always look forward to some insanely hard, cheap tactical type final boss in fighting games ... they really give you a challenge (or a lesson in cheapness).

I rank them as following -

1. Geese Howard (nuff said, there is no tactic, just luck)
2. Gill (SFIII - First Strike Version; beaten through relentless attacks with ibuki)
3. Thanos (MVC 1; one word - spiderman)
4. Guilty Gear (OMFG what's her name ... I hate that b*t&Cg)
5. Orge (from tekken, he's low cuz i found a way to till him in like 1 hit .. :p)

... and so forth .. but the point remains, conquering them can be very rewarding.

Spitfire_Riggz2814d ago

off topic a bit but we are talking about bosses. I thought Sephiroth in KH was pretty tough, me and my cousin took turns depleting his 50 billion health bars

deafwing2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

even in ff vii he was hard ...
sadly I'm marred by the pressures of advanced graphics to truly enjoyed soiling that posers pants! LOL

(they really need to remake that game ... but lets not get off topic as you say)


What about the boss in street fighter.That guy that can do almost every body moves and he can suck u onto his tummy which takes 85% of ur life :(

Simon_Brezhnev2814d ago

lmfao Seth was an easy ass boss


U think..then i guess u will not say the same about marvel vs capcom 3

Keep watching till he comes :|

deafwing2814d ago


i kinda disagree ... but it all depended on how quick you were able to figure out his patterns - everyone I know died before clearing him.

Simon_Brezhnev2814d ago

Yeah MvC3 boss does look aggravating

ChristianGamer2814d ago

X-men vs street fighter boss was very simple to beat

Arnagrim2814d ago

I hated Seth. It was so hard to beat him without cheesing (i.e. Stand back and turtle, then use anti-air when he jumps at you, or for the especially scrubby shotos, SHORYUKEN).
Robo Ky from Guilty Gear X2 was another pain.

Redempteur2814d ago

i'd rather have true cheap bosses .... than characters-boss that are playable afterwards.

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