Will You Be Buying Black Ops' First Strike DLC?

gamrFeed: What gamrFeed wants to know is whether or not you will be purchasing First Strike, and if the whole timed-exclusivity for the map pack is annoying for you – especially for those who play Black Ops on either PlayStation 3 or PC. So go on, tell gamrFeed... like right now.

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ATiElite2819d ago

HELL NO!! didn't buy the game either

too busy with BFBC2 Vietnam PC then in 3 weeks Killzone 3.

captain-obvious2819d ago

i dont give a shit about those MP maps
but the new zombie one looks so good

pangitkqb2819d ago

Yes, I will be. Not thrilled about parting with $15, but with so many friends on PSN playing I want to game with them.

sdtarm2819d ago Show
-Alpha2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )


If people enjoy the game, which many do, why can't they buy it? Wouldn't you be a bigger sheep for buying products based on what the N4G community said as opposed to what you want?

bigc0720042819d ago

i heard vietnam was ill...i have been busy going ALL THE WAY back to cod4. After all these DLC's I have finally learned my lesson. The only way I will buy this is -400 MS points...

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-Alpha2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I may get it too depending on if I'm still playing by the time the DLC comes to PS3.

By that time I may decide to invest in something else. For $15 I can get Journey and some other stuff I'm looking forward to.

For those saying the DLC is overpriced: It's not. It's still $3/map, the same you pay for nearly all other paid DLC map packs. It is expensive though, but definitely not any worse than paying $10 for 3 Halo maps or $6 for 2 Killzone maps.

VenGencE9992819d ago

Agreed. I was on the other side until I went back and priced the maps from KZ2 and they are the same and I bought all of them. Can't believe I missed that.

Timing's perfect as well, by the time DLC comes to the PS3 I'll be well versed in KZ3 and the new zombie map looks sick...

Model2819d ago

cant believe people are paying for this crap, especially if you are playing the ps3 version which treyarch messed up so badly

the_best_player2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

With killzone 3 coming out I think not.

Gamer_Z2819d ago

If you have it for Xbox 360 then yes by all means buy the map pack, but if you get this garbage for the PS3 your just letting Activision/Bobby Kotick rape your ass.

Broken DLC for a broken game, No thank you.

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thealmighty12819d ago

Since the yes and no got a disagree. I have deicided 50/50, beat that!

duplissi2819d ago

as of the time of this comment you also have an equal number of agrees as disagrees..


the_best_player2819d ago

ooooh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

SeanScythe2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

No I'll be busy playing Killzone 3 by the time it comes out for me. Besides DS2 hasn't left my system yet since I bought it. I may have bought this if it came out same time as 360, because I didn't really have any new games but then again $15 for dlc is to much for so little. I can get full games for that price.

Dark_Overlord2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Hmm... pay for extras on something that doesn't work in the 1st place