GameXplain: Pokemon Black/White Preview

GameXplain Writes: "I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Poke-fanatic. While I have spent a good deal of time playing the Pokemon TCG, I haven’t spent longer than an hour playing one of the core games in the series. Chalk this up to the fact that I was in high school when Pokemon got popular, and for some reason thought that I had better things to do than “Catch ‘em all.” Say what you will, but despite this, I always had a fondness for the little Pocket Monsters. I love the art design of most of the little buggers, I naturally dive for every Pokeball I see in a bout of Smash Bros., Pokemon Snap was the first N64 game I got on the Virtual Console, and I have always yearned for a Pokemon MMO like every other Nintendo fan out there. For some reason or another, none of this has ever translated to me taking the time to actually play one of the core games in the series. All of that may change with Pokemon Black/White."

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