PS3 Production update

"Unfortunately Kaz Hirai's comments in the recent GameSpot interview regarding PLAYSTATION 3 production were misunderstood. We are still on schedule to ship 2 million units for our mid-November 2006 launch and additional 2 million units by the end of the year for a total of 4 million units," said a Sony spokesperson.

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Islandkiwi5380d ago

It's a Sony rep in response to the Gamespot!? Gamespot hasn't reported anything yet.

And even more interesting to me, having to correct your boss is no small thing, but for your boss to be off by that many units? What is it with Sony and numbers these days? Remember the # of Blu-Ray movies to be released thing just a week or two ago?

What is going on over there?!?

blackmagic5379d ago

"I think that we've always talked about shipping 2 million units worldwide within the calendar year." - Kaz Hirai interview

Anyone want to tell me how I can 'misunderstand' this?

I guess they are changing their statement from
"We -are- going to ship 2M consoles by end of calendar year"
"We will -try- to ship 4M consoles by end of calendar year but will likely ship 2M"

Ken Kutaragi5380d ago

No idea and im from the inside! Ill look it up and Hirai was quite right about what he said.

original seed5379d ago

Typical damage control. they heard the outcry and now they must lie to please all fanboys

Bill Gates5379d ago

yeah outcry from fanboys like you "The FAKE Deal" that just wont get off Sony's nuts..hahahaha and and your b!tch TheFART too.

TheMART5379d ago

Oh yeah Billy, well actually I am just giving you the facts, fanboys are known by their namecalling and giving their age. 10 year old


2 x HDMI
all games in 1080p
3 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
CGI Killzone 2 and other games would be ingame right
Release spring 2006

All lies, all lies you can't deny. And suddenly you start believing them in things they say? It's just wise to distrust Sony untill they proof something and come up with stuff

Bill Gates5379d ago


You crack me up man seriously…hahahhaha
Don’t ever leave this site, hahahhaahahhaha

How’s that old house that you own…hahhaahha
Or better yet how’s that business of yours going…hahhhahaa

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Ken Kutaragi5379d ago

Hey Bill, long time no see! Did you put through the orders I placed for 100 Xbox 360's? Ya, seeing that my gri- POS3 wont be shipping for another 6 months, I thought the guys in the office might want to play a few games of Gears of War. Your friend, Barbie Ken!

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The story is too old to be commented.