EA 'In Talks With Sony' To Develop For NGP

Electronic Arts has explained to NowGamer why it was missing from the substantial list of developers set to develop for Sony's next handheld console...

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ubiquitious3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

We need assurances that this won't tank like the PSP did.

Well played, EA.

ActionBastard3795d ago

Over 60 million sold worldwide + = your fail comment

Baka-akaB3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

that's not the issue , yes the psp was a success , but not every publisher thrived on it .

Besides the usual array of fifa/madden etc , do we even know a successful psp ea game ?

Of course it's in great part the fault of EA , the first to push its shoddy ports on psp .

If you already got fifa on home consoles , why would you pick their psp version with no advantages whatsoever ?

zootang3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Need for speed most wanted is EA's biggest seller on the PSP with 1.3m. Not bad at all!

You know for sure that there will be an exclusive Rockstar title for the NGP with GTA liberty city stories selling 2.7m

ReBurn3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

60+ million PSP's sold and one of the lowest software attach rates ever. EA probably wants assurances that their software isn't going to be pirated before it ever hits store shelves. That's one of the biggest problems the PSP has faced.

It's a good system, but it is cracked wide open. Publishers have fled from this platform and that's sad. It's a really great handheld.

tacosRcool3795d ago

Only here in North America the PSP isn't doing well because of the lack of developers and publishers for the system.

meetajhu3795d ago

Bulletstorm would be nice to see in this beast!

Inside_out3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Sony basically brow beat developers and publishers into excepting their exorbitant fees because PS2 sold 100+ million and used that as backs are a bitch.

Sony is nowhere near that lofty number and never will be and the vultures are

Activision was the first to bitch slap the mighty Sony into submission when they told those guys to drop the price of the PS3 or Activision was gonna walk away from them. Activision was right and they announced to the world that Sony had made a billion dollars off of Activision so they better listen. The share holders are always listening...they dropped that price and fast.

EA is renegotiating there deal with the " were number 3 " Sony's all business. If Sony ever gets back to the top, they will have some negotiating won't be this

Remember when Sony tried to beat down the patent holders of the controller arrogant was Sony. Then they tried to go solo with no rumble...LMFAO.

pain777pas3795d ago

Here is the issue and you could tell by the developers at the press conference. What are we gonna do here? NGP is powerful. Console like. Equipped with all existing communication functions of the PS3 and more. What do we do? If you can port a game in a matter of days to the system like the Epic developers again. What do we do? Should there be a paradigm shift within EA? What if they are thinking how can we charge the gamer twice for the same experience on NGP and PS3? Will they create $70 PS3 games with the NGP version on the BD to be downloaded and saved in the cloud to pick up where you left off on the console. This NGP could open up so many opportunities and gamers could benefit like never before. EA should think about how they should approach this and make gamers happy. I would pay a little extra to have the PS3 and NGP versions of the game. Yet this MAY limit the usage of the touch screen etc... However they could still build their UIs around the specs of the Touch screens for certain things. I think that their sports games would work great with the 2 versions on one BD approach and $10 premium since as we have heard porting is fast and easy.

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darthv723795d ago

EA is secretly making their own console/portable unit.

Zinc3795d ago

That has nothing to do with it. Most likely, this has to do with Sony royalty/license fees. They are probably trying to negotiate a 1-2% reduction or something along those lines. Even small reductions like that can add up to big numbers in the end.

Regardless, they will make games for this platform. It would be unrealistic to believe otherwise.

saladthieves3795d ago

EA 'In Talks With Sony' To Develop For NGP

-In other words, they're up to something large and good...a surprise??

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SnakeMustDie3795d ago

Mass Effect for NGP
Dead Space for NGP
Bioshock for NGP
Crysis for NGP

ksense3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

either at e3 or even GDC they will announce or show those games on NGP to get it hyped. EA and Sony have a good partnership so they are probably just planning something big.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age on the go OH HELL YEA

pain777pas3795d ago

ME and DA would benefit the most from the touch screen for setting up traps and strategically moving your characters. ME 5 min missions. Totalling 30hr game. Sounds great. ME and DA would be perfect for NGP.

Charazani3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Bioshock is published by Take-Two which wholly owns 2K.

Also, don't quote me, the EA partners program allows third party developers to keep their IPs, meaning Crysis NGP would be Crytek's decision and not EA's.

Kon3795d ago

Crysis for NGP? LMAO

Arnon3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I was about to say... You guys don't honestly believe the NGP is powerful enough to run Crysis, especially when we already have the hardware specs for it, right? :/

Undeadwolfy3795d ago

@above You don't honestly think that the game will be an exact port from the PS3 do you?

Ever heard of optimisation?

Flashwave_UK3795d ago

lol crysis on ngp cry_sis doesnt even diserve to be on the ps3

TheGreatIndonesia3795d ago

ngp is more powerful than 360, i think its doable

Arnon3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

"Ever heard of optimisation?"

No, I've never heard of "optimisation."*

You are setting yourself up for overall disappointment in terms of the NGP if you think they're going to be able to optimize a game like Crysis on a handheld, when it's console counterpart (the PS3) cant even RUN the first game, let alone have a game that looks anywhere near as good as Crysis.

The NGP's a monster of a handheld, but relatively speaking, it's not that powerful. The minimum requirements for Crysis are higher than the hardware specifications of the NGP.

*I assume you are referring to the term "optimization".

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skyward3795d ago

If FIFA and Madden don't hit NGP that's a large piece of the market that will reconsider getting one...

hamburger1233795d ago

Yeah man that would be so awesome if I could play FIFA with this gen graphics instead of the PSP graphics:O


CaptainPunch3795d ago

I want Dead Space on the PSP2, and maybe Mirror's Edge 2.

Undeadwolfy3795d ago

The more games the better, bring as many games as possible cos they will look awesome.

I wanna see a Heavy Rain with NGP. Imagine all those different controls for it.

just_looken3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

ea great there the ms of the gameing market 90% of ea games this gen are crap or just $$ makers. look at moh...

The_Nameless_One3795d ago

Great grammar there Tex. Now, would you please edit your comment so people can actually understand what the hell you wrote.

just_looken3795d ago

? if you don't know what ms/moh/$/ea means then google it

theonlylolking3795d ago

MOH is a good game. If you are talking about games this gen are crap and are just $$ then you should talk about activision.

just_looken3795d ago

im refereing to ea's crap quality but sense you enjoy a fps with trigger spawns/dumb ai and bad glitch's you will enjoy ea's quality have you tried mercs2? mercs1 beats it handsdown also me2 ps3 receiveing patch to fix me3 engine issues and corrupt save issue.

CernaML3795d ago

Because EA's games have been the ONLY games to receive patches this gen, right?

Also, The_Nameless_One wasn't just talking about the acronyms you used that weren't understandable. Your ENTIRE sentence structure made it extremely hard to decipher what you were trying to say.

EA has introduced some of the greatest new IPs this generation. They seem to be the only publisher with two of the most talented studios that can make a multiplatform game look and run 110% identically between both the 360 and PS3.

You're looking at the wrong publisher. Activision is what you want to refer to.

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