GT 5 Prologue servers closing down on June 30th

Polyphony has announced that the servers of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III will be offline from June 30.

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GodsHand3795d ago

And they are still charing $40 for the game.

Bobby Kotex3795d ago

Your troll skills are amateurish at best.

GodsHand3795d ago

@ Bobby Kotex

Trolling would be me saying, Hey look everyone B. Kotex is a Feminine Product, you know a tampon, because every p(_)ssy needs one.

If trolling is stating a fact, then mostly everyone here is a troller then. Look up the price on the game on the PSN, if you doubt me.

Kon_Artist 3795d ago

you can get it for $20. even gamestop,yes gamestop. sells it new for $30 if you really want it. u can get it for 17.99 used

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FailOverHero3795d ago

Why you feigning suprise? They SHOULD still be up, 4 million people paid good money and bundles for this game. Pretending you're suprised or impressed is just...loyalist of you

Tommykrem3795d ago

There was always remarkably many on the servers. I had no problem finding a game two days before the release of GT5. Of course, the situation is likely to be something else AFTER the release of GT5.

jerethdagryphon3795d ago

hopefully those servers will be repurporsed for gt5

Redempteur3795d ago

Well all GT fans moved on to GT5 ..For the rest well they still have offline ..

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