Looking Back: Was "Yoshi's Story" Really THAT Bad?

Gameongaming About a decade ago I came across a game that I had a short love/hate relationship with. I loved it...while it lasted and hated it for being so short and easy! That game was Yoshi's Story and many people felt the same way. Being that this was the only other side-scrolling game on the N64 (US side) besides Mischief Makers, the odds were against it. 3D console games were kind of a new thing at the time and Yoshi's Story was being sold as a 2 1/2D game...what the heck? Commercially, the game did alright, but it was a critical failure. Why was this game so widely disliked? Well, now that this game is available on the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii, I set out to reexamine what I loved...and hated about this largely overlooked gem of a game.

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Pozzle3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Not gonna lie, Yoshi's Story was one of my favorite N64 games when I was younger. I never thought it was "too easy"...but then again, I was in the target demographic and was also determined to unlock and clock every level (which took some time).