Why PS3 ‘cloud game saving’ is a ‘game changer’

Gamer.Blorge writes, "In addition, developers who may create a PC and PS3 version of the game (like Dead Space or Assassin’s Creed), can also allow gamers to switch platforms for those traveling with a laptop. Centralizing PC and PS3 game saves will also aid in cross platform gaming like in Portal 2. This allows all PC and PS3 gamer stats to be filtered for progress or matchmaking."

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Speed-Racer3792d ago

What if the cloud goes down? Or data gets corrupted online due to cloud failure?

DualConsoleOwner3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

what are you trying to say??

it is like 1000 times more likely that you are going to lose data by having it stored on your hdd.

saladthieves3792d ago

Not to mention the fact that it is even less likely for both your game saves (on the server) and the PS3 HDD get corrupted at the same time. Thing this this feature makes sure that there will always be a game save (by your choice) either on the PS3 or off in the cloud...this is a good thing!

I_find_it_funny3792d ago

too bad it can't be mandatory because of required internet, this could make chating with altered game saves harder

ActionBastard3792d ago

Redundancy exists for a reason.

morganfell3792d ago

I am so looking forward to this feature. I have multiple PS3s in my house and depending upon the room, I have to manually transfer game saves between systems. This feature averts that necessity.

Now consider the possibility that a game on the PS3 and NGP that are identical. This service would allow sharing of the same game save. It would be an ingenious move by Sony.

Speed-Racer3792d ago

Seems everyone here is only talking in theory and have never seen clouds work in real life... Redundancy my foot... stuff still goes bad

rockleex3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I see clouds ALL THE TIME.

And they ARE pretty redundant.

Oh wait, you guys are talking about Cloud storage.

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Nitrowolf23792d ago

Hopefully Sony Makes Backups of all the data for "just in case" Situations like that.

Godmars2903792d ago

If such were to happen, what would be the chances of it happening when both it and your PS3 fail?

The correct answer is, "Not worth thinking about."

kneon3792d ago

If the PS3 cloud service ever does go down then it will surely happen to someone. And it will all get blown out of proportion claiming "millions affected" or some other such stupid comment.

AssassinHD3792d ago

Better yet, what would be the chance of your PS3, the cloud, and the cloud backup all going down at the same time?

You know the cloud will have a backup. On my network I backup in triplicate.

saladthieves3792d ago

I think you don't understand what cloud is. You are assuming cloud is just one giant server where everything is stored. There are (will be) more than one servers to handle this, in case you upload your saves and the server is busy, the other one will then do the work. The same thing happens with the storage as well...chances that all servers containing the save data crash at the same time are really low. Besides there are backups made all the time.

WildArmed3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Actually, I don't know how many of you work on servers, but I was doing an internship when I was a CS major for setting these up.
They usually have secondary to tertiary backups of such things.
And they are usually done bi-weekly (depending on what type of data it is).

I think it'd be a great movie 4 Sony.
Allocate ~500mbs for each account (heck, they could start this as a PS+ only service).
You can choose which games to sync, kind of like how Steam does it (<3 Steam)

yeah, I just finished reading the article ^^
Hopefully it'll hit sooner than later.

saladthieves3792d ago

It is going to be a PS+ only serice :)

r1sh123792d ago

Its a good idea, but I think more people will use it as a back up rather than the primary save location.
Imagine if some saves are pretty big and the internet connection is quite bad...

kneon3792d ago

I don't think I've seen a game save over 1mb, are there any? Usually they seem to be in the 250-500kb range. Unless you're on dial-up that shouldn't be a problem.

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imaballa3792d ago

Thats what redundant failover and load-balancers are for. These servers will probably take regular backups as well. All standard practice stuff.

miyamoto3792d ago

another mind blowing news after the other from Sony now a day's.
PS3 games on NGP, OLED, QuadCore ARM Processor, Android OS, Wi-Fi+3G, Dual Analog Sticks, .... Sony's on a roll! Good news for gaming over all

Ju3792d ago

I think this is more related to NGP than people think. If the cloud is accessible from the PSP2, and as some envision, you can basically take your game with you and continue playing on the go - and also save this back and pick off on the PS3 when you are back home. I hope they come up with a very good pricing model for a "digital copy" of PS3 games...

jack_burt0n3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

for sure, great feature on steam and will be great on psn.

ps3 + gaming laptop = win

jashmister3792d ago

Its a great feature it also stops modifying save games levels stats and stuff like that in games you can.
but its bad when old games try and incorporate it and do so badly that everyone looses their data and have to restart. I'm looking at you Steam Plants vs Zombies

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