Could RTX Remix mark the end of shoddy remasters?

RTX Remix is a tool that will make it easier for modders to remaster any game without too many worries. It could mark the end of shoddy remasters that are nothing more than a cash grab.

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isarai68d ago


RTX is cool, but it's also not the easiest to implement on games that dont already use physically base lighting (which portal does not) you basically have to rebuild the lighting from scratch to use RTX. Plus it's just lighting, a very small aspect of what makes a remake, you can toss RTX on the GTA trilogy, wouldn't make it any less of a piece of half a$$ed garbage

lonewolf1067d ago

"This tool is capable of recognizing the game’s textures, geometry, camera, and lighting. This is all thanks to artificial intelligence, NVIDIA’s Ray Tracing, and the new DLSS 3, which will rescale and smooth textures, create objects with greater definition, and add Ray Tracing automatically."

From the article it appears to be automatic, not that it will bring great results to all older games. Plus there maybe a lot of user/creator work to get "proper" results.

Tacoboto67d ago

Yeah, automatic AI upscaling of textures up to 4x the quality based on a neural network trained exclusively on game textures, also capable of generating a physically-based material for the texture.

That ~6:30 long video they posted was very cool and while it's framed around RTX illumination, overall, it is not about the lighting but the capabilities of the entire toolset.

isarai67d ago

Yeah it was like 1am after work and i did not read the article very well, my comment is dumb 😅

Orchard67d ago

I doubt it. And we shouldn't need to rely on the modding community to overcome the issue of developers putting out cheap & nasty cash grab remasters.

FinalFantasyFanatic66d ago

If it's easy enough to mod into older games, it can breath new life into them and making remasters less desirable. Although I'm probably going to want some AI upscaling for textures and higher resolution, but look at the AI upscaling mods for Final Fantasy 7/8/9, those look pretty good (actually better than the lazy FF8 remaster effort SE put out).