Sony NGP: Nearly Good Potential

Sony has just announced the successor to the PSP, codenamed NGP (“Next Generation Portable”). Light on the details, we only know a few things related to hardware. A very impressive system, to say the least. But specifications alone do not determine a system’s success. The PSP had superior hardware to the DS, but Nintendo dominated the market all the same. There are three main things we need to know before success can be accurately gauged...

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ploogle3284d ago

Thank you for the very constructive criticism. I have made changes to the specific areas you mentioned.

Burning_Finger3283d ago

Sony NGP: Unlimited Potential


Active Reload3283d ago

Lol...NGP...Nearly Good Potential. Lets follow this trend, shall we?

HxCGamer3283d ago

newborn getting grand?

eh i tried.
kind of.

Neko_Mega3283d ago

A lot of bs sites, all they can say is the NGP isn't going to do are good as 3DS. To bad the price for 3DS has killed it for a lot of people.

Plus people don't see the point of making your eyes hurt from looking at it in 3DS (Can't say their won't be a 3D only game). I bet we might see Paper Mario a to see things that you can't see in 2D, you got to switch it to 3D.

koehler833283d ago

Is this now

I don't remember coming to Opinion Pieces 4 Gamers.

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