Nintendo is silent on the war between 3DS and NGP: "People will decide"

Iwata: "They're trying to attract consumers from a different direction from ours. The people will decide what is right"

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Dark_Charizard3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Very diplomatic...

ChristianGamer3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Have no idea why you have disagrees...maybe you shouldn't use big words lol, you know which group runs this site

Kamikaze1353796d ago

Coming from a guy with one bubble.

zireno3796d ago

I have decided to get both, NGP on release day and 3DS when nintendo releases a lite version.

Rumor3796d ago

nintendo believes in democracy i guess. its the truth though, the people WILL decide. (with their wallets)

hay3796d ago

Hey, at least they don't throw crap like the monkeys at Microsoft. Kudos to Big N.

visualb3796d ago

lol @ the person thinking diplomatic is a "big word"

anyway - true, people will decide =)

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Bigpappy3796d ago

3DS will sell faster due to the kid appeal and loyalty. PSP2 sales in the west will depend on the games release that appeal to the core and the percentage of those who are into taking their gaming portable.

TruthbeTold3796d ago

PSP2 sales will depend on the price. The 3DS is already steep and receiving complaints. The initial price point for the PSP2 will determine quite a bit. Times are tough, and for the mass market, sacrifices will have to be made to purchase these machines.

Bigpappy3796d ago

I am assuming they will be priced simularly. If they are close in price, the the only thing that will stop 3DS from the stronger sales, will be the concern, by parents like me, over eye damage.

You guys put to much stock into internet and mag critics. The only people who listen to them are some you so call hardcore. Look at Kinect and wii to see how litle infuence they have over mass marked products.

gamingdroid3796d ago

PSP2 sales depends on overall appeal. Right now it only appeals to the portable hardcore gaming market.

The casual gamers that previously used to buy handhelds are now purchasing smart phones such as iPhone and Android/WP7 phones.

The market has been divided and I think Nintendo will come out the victor here. We have already seen that merely throwing horsepower at a problem only diminishes your market by increasing cost.

However, for my personal enjoyment I think the PSP2 would do much better with the type of games available and the dual analog sticks!

TruthbeTold3796d ago

I don't really know what the critics have said. I do know though that $250 is expensive, and if the PSP2 costs more than that, price will be the biggest factor to the mass market.

Zorda20973796d ago

Add a decent online Call of Duty to the NGP and you have an enormous market tacked on top

K3nji3796d ago

Exactly what i was thinking, i could imagine a stack of people who would love to play their FPS on the run and online, plus how many games on the market today are FPS's!

In regards to 'gamingdroid's comment about the casual market preferring a smart phone, he failed to comment on Sony's 'Playstation Suite', which will have access to ALL Android OS phones. There was a really good article yesterday from Eurogamer, about the potential of the 'Playstaion Suite'.

Basically the gist of the article is, Sony make Suite available for all Android phones, the new Xperia phone would be the best Android phone on the market for the gaming experience, because it has a d-pad and buttons, Sony Makes money off of other companies hardware( Android Smart Phones), unlike Apple who only offer their Apps and Games to their iPhone(tell me if i'm misinformed, but that's what i gather).

Article -

Sarcasm3796d ago

IMO The 3DS will handily outsell the PSP2. That doesn't make the PSP2(NGP) any less of a stellar portable console.

plb3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Nintendo isn't silent. They said they aren't scared the day ngp was announced. Nintendo has an army of loyal fans.

lepolohuevo3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I see it more like Nintendo will just do what they do best regardless of the outcome, instead of going like "we got stuff that the other don't have, so they're shit" .
Unlike Microsoft who just HAS to be the best and go stealing exclusivities and spend billions on marketing just to call itself the "best console on the market".

Which is why I usually like Nintendo... Sometimes...

haymoza3796d ago

That's easy to say when the other product isn't even near release yet ...

Stealth20k3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Nintendo is very professional about it. Nintendo knows they have a winner thats selling out preorders in every region. They dont need to brag. To them there is no war because what they see is there own products. They are the new england patriots of gaming

Microsoft and sony both like to throw stones alot, because they only wish they could have the sheer gaming success over the years that nintendo has had. Nintendo focus's on themselves, will the other 2 worry and fight with others

gamingdroid3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I think when a company does a lot of research, they feel confident in their offerings especially when the other company doesn't retaliate with a product that exceeds their own product.

If you noticed, lately Sony is the only one throwing stones in regards to PS Move and now PSP2.

Everybody else is just minding their own business as usual.

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