LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Breaking Glitch

There's community levels out there that include items where if you were to use them your Littlebigplanet 2 profile will break , If you however help Media Molecule with your broken pod problem or broken profile from using that glitch you'll be bribed with a "BugBlaster" for helping Mm by putting a halt/stop/helpful fixing to this.

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visualb3796d ago

"LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Breaking Glitch"

not a problem when you can choose from multiple "games" withing LBP2 =)

jokes aside...


MidnytRain3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

It's good that MM supports private messages of glitches instead of just posting it out in the open. People may not realize this, but "news" of game-breaking bugs just spread the problem around and make it worse.

I don't have the game yet, so it's good these issues are being sorted out before I hop on.

ChronoJoe3796d ago

Wouldn't worry.

You have to consciously use these objects to cause the glitch, and they are obvious glitches too. If something advertises a means of doing something that can't normally be done, don't try and do it.

For instance, don't try and get furniture into your pod, via some random exploit you find in a level. You've gotta' be kind of stupid to try any of the exploits without being aware there are some risks.

ikkeweer3796d ago

Why report, if you can get hits to your website outta it?

ChronoJoe3796d ago

He's just reposting what MM have said. Why would you report to them, the information they've posted?

Why didn't either of you read the article? *sigh*

R_aVe_N3796d ago

Don't do stupid crap and you will be fine....

midgard2273796d ago

yeah for real, obviously something crazy like capturing the pod would be a problem. be just like to use glitches, although some were cool like the multi-tiered placement of items but besides that glitches shouldnt be used since they are well.....glitches

haymoza3796d ago

From what I understood, MM is simply educating and preemptively trying to avoid a problem that has a very slight chance of happening.

The title of this bit made it sound more serious than it actually is. And what's sad, is the hits this is going to get.

LordMarius3796d ago

how about they fix the loading times instead

Dsnyder3796d ago

Maybe you should stop using dial up. Load times are heaven compared to the last game.

IPUMPMYGUN3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Raven: Players exploiting glitches should be banned. This was taken from the above website.

One importing of beta profiles
captured pod glitch
Loading glitch

Thankfully, its only been 3 glitches on launch that have been found. Although, that doesnt mean other glitches wont be found later on.

ChronoJoe3796d ago

You haven't played LBP1 right?

It's a community boosted, by the benefits of glitches. LBP1 had various glitches that in many peoples eyes, enhanced the game. Glitches that MM supported.

To ban people for finding/using glitches now, would be setting a double standard, and stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.