Xboxer360 - Top 10: Worst games of 2010

Richard Berry of writes "2010 was an awesome year for games, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood are to mention a few but lets just stop for a moment and give a thought to a year that we also got plenty of crap. Here are my top 10 worst games of 2010 that I had the displeasure of playing…"

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Kran2819d ago

Im shocked they're making a Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Legion2819d ago

I would lean to that same shock. But I haven't played the game and my friend seems to be enjoying his play through on the game... (he LOVES sniping though) and I haven't had the chance to play it so can't add my true 2 cents to it.

Though I heard there was a patch that made the AI more forgiving? Maybe that is why my friend is enjoying it now...??? Or maybe he has no taste..? ha

HolyOrangeCows2819d ago

Good list, but I don't think Aliens vs Predator should be in the number ONE slot.

Sonic 4. Yech. Resell us old levels, give it that stupid auto-attack thing...screw that.
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. Throw together old assets, a ridiculously few number of maps, charge $15.
Crazy Taxi. Don't optimize it in the slightest, blasphemize the music.
Crackdown 2. Awful main enemy, less chances to take advantage of powers than first game, repetitive, short, reused environments, graphics worse than the first...This game definitely earned its place on this list.

Rainstorm812819d ago

Naughty Bear deserves a well earned spot on this list, if not that then Crackdown 2 should be number 1# out of the games on this list.

Its the only game where the first entry in the series felt like the true sequal in comparison to C2.

Firstkn1ghT2819d ago

Finally a good Worst games of 2010 list. I seen some lists that have Fable 3 or Alan Wake. 2 awesome games. Crackdown 2 just wasn't my cup of tea.

Legion2819d ago

A few comments on the article and author: (no particular order)

1. "Whatever happened to the good old days when skating games were fun?" When was this fictional time in game history? Skating games have blown ever since skate or die! ha

2. "I’ve been told the game opens up and can become very in depth and enjoyable..." I've been told...???? How about actually playing the game through before you throw it as your number 3 worst liked? Instead of having to listen to others telling you that it actually isn't that bad a game.

3. "Then I had my first and last fight..." again even though this game probably deserves to be on the list you count it out after the first fight??? First impressions really mean a lot to you don't they?

4. Crazy Taxi??? Really? Really?? You put an old title brought back to XBL Arcade just because you couldn't revel in it's old school gaming charm? Putting an old school title regardless of it's quality on this list is just weak and lazy.

5. "What happened to starting at the beginning and work your way through the whole game, no saves just one playthrough." You knock Sonic for not making you sit through the whole game in one sitting? Are you kidding me...? This is a GOOD thing...? When has NOT being able to save been a good thing??? Much better reasons to put this game on the list... If it wasn't an XBL Arcade game ... AGAIN. Weak.

At least this article was labeled correctly... Opinion piece. And it has given me a good idea not to read any Richard Berry work. Really he is a critic...? Definetly NOT a gamer though.

My opinion Richy... nothing personal. If you had been an old school XBL Arcade title then I wouldn't have even bothered commenting. ;)