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n October 2008, we were first introduced to the creatures known as the “Necromorphs”, and their mysterious source called, the “Marker”. After success of the first title, Visceral Games decided to bring the series to the Wii. Since Dead Space wouldn’t really work as a Wii title, they made on-rails shooter titled “Dead Space Extraction” following various characters over Issac Clarke from the first game. In addition to the new name, the game takes place prior to the first game and fills in some unknowns for the first game. With the release of Dead Space 2, PS3 gamers were given a copy of Extraction free if you purchased the game, or on the Playstation Network for $15.

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admiralvic2909d ago

Really sounds fun, I think ill pick it up.

Army_of_Darkness2909d ago

I'm enjoying it with my GF. The Move is awesome!

RankFTW2908d ago

It's an awesome game mate, I've not even started on DS2 yet as I've just been playing this.

jbl3162909d ago

I still have to play a Dead Space game...Should start with the first game before I play the others.

snaz272909d ago

You really should pick up dead space it's an awesome game. . . I enjoyed it a lot, cant wait to get my hands on the second, i'll even get move seen as some decent titles are coming. Anyway i highly recommend dead space.

teedogg802908d ago

Yeah now is definitely the time to think about buying Move. I got it on day 1 and until Dead Space 2 came out with Extraction my Move had been collecting dust. This year looks very promising though. Especially with titles like KZ2, Socom 4 and Sorcery coming soon you can't go wrong.

admiralvic2909d ago

Well it doesnt matter which you pick. Extraction falls before Dead Space (original) so there's nothing to ruin your experience there, but it follows another storyline. Dead Space (main series) follows the exploits of Issac who I don't recall even being mentioned in Extraction.

I would suggest starting with Extraction as you get a good solid feel of Dead Space in a nutshell. However either choice is fine... They both support one another so no matter which way you go there's something for you in the other.

Galaxia2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Actually Extraction is a prequel that should be played after the original.

A lot of the original relies on the mystery of what is going on, why and how, Extraction plays out very differently and can spoil a lot if played beforehand, also DSE assumes some knowledge is known beforehand, thus, playing DS1 after a lot of the mystery is spoiled. In other words Extraction is an expansion of DS1, in order for it to expand on elements, DS1 mysteries are blurted out quick and explained in Extraction to get the player up to speed before expanding on them.

I decided I'd replay through them both before starting DS2 to get up to pace with the story. Wish I'd started with DS1 instead of Extraction.

JD_Shadow2909d ago

Actually, there is a mention of Issac in Extraction. The doctor you meet in, I think, chapter 4 of Extraction (correct me if I'm wrong) is Issac's girl, and you see later on the video of her injecting herself and pleading to Issac that it "wasn't supposed to be like this", the same video Issac sees in the first Dead Space. Lexi is horrified of what she sees, and of course, it has major implications in Dead Space (the doc's the reason Issac even GOES on that faithful mission in the first game).

MightyMark4272909d ago

I enjoyed it using the PlayStation Move!

hatchimatchi2909d ago

I bought extraction on the wii. It's a pretty good game, a bit short but still fun. I haven't played it on my ps3 yet, still playing DS2, I'll get to it eventually though.

I love the Dead Space universe, I wish EA would put more funding into the spinoffs, namely Downfall and Ignition, Downfall was pretty awful and Ignition, that game ****ing sucks ass, it's borderline unplayable. The animation is horrendous and the hacking games are god awful. Hopefully the new film and dlc will be good.

tigertron2909d ago

I bought Move just for Extraction and so far I'm really enjoying it. I'll play DS2 after I complete this.

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