CVG: L.A. Noire: A leap forward in storytelling?

CVG: This isn't just a hit and run. There's more to this case; Phelps can smell it. The victim was run over by a car outside a dive bar called Ray's and died on impact. But a life insurance policy - recently signed - hints at a darker motive behind the crime.

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Stealth20k2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Just sounds like a cool detective game to me.

The press has this thing about calling things the best ever, the future, a leap in..........when thats rare to say the least, but its a good headline

Rhythmattic2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I somewhat agree.

Story telling , in any medium can be excellent or downright abysmal...

The point being, if this motion capture is used with a good script, direction, and art design... Its going to be the next step...

Here's hoping., its a great game.

gillri2819d ago

looks amazing this game, hope it has a similiar feel and atmosphere to Heavy Rain

Xfanboy2819d ago

Can't say it's leap forward in story telling till I play it!

For now it is a leap forward in face tech.. bodies not so much..