Autosave Should Be Mandatory

ErrolGames writes:
Dead Space 2 is in my PS3 right now, and I don't even want to play it. Why? Because I turned it on and discovered I didn't save my game from the night before. I have to replay hours of progress because Dead Space requires gamers to manually save. It's 2011. Get with the program Dead Space. Stop obsessing over my mother and add an Autosave patch.

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Muletroid2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

no when it comes to RPG's i actually dislike autosave go ahead and auto save everything if you want but leave it out of my RPG's ty very much

i sometimes like doing a certain scenario a different way and i also like doing certain things over so i can try and get something rare and valuable

Kon2823d ago

Not in all games i agree.

wildcat2822d ago

But every game should at least have the option to autosave.

MidnytRain2821d ago

I agree. In games in which I choose my own paths and go at my own pace, it would be horrible for my progress to be involuntarily saved over. This holds true in scenarios in which I might miss important information, accidentally kill an NPC, screw up a puzzle, or trap myself in impossible situations (I.e. low health while surrounded my enemies).

Giant_Chibi2821d ago

And let's not forget about minecraft. I hate when it autosaves. When I was first starting out, I was excavating a hole and as I was making my way back to the top I fell through the hole I dug up and died, losing all my items in the process.

Afterwords, I came to realize that I can't reload from a previous save because of the damn autosave. Curses!

Elimin82821d ago

For me personally, they don't have to implement it but at the least give me an option to save when I want... Autosaves rarely works. Look at DeadNation.. YOu can't even stop playing halfway through a mision and come bk to it later.... Pain in the ass especially on Morbid......

My 2Cents...

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2823d ago

I don't know if mandatory autosaves are possible. They should definitely be more common.

theonlylolking2822d ago

I like manual saves and auto saves at the same time the best. Like the ones in fallout, oblivion, etc... I can choose when I save and where I save at any time. I can also make multiple save points wherever and whenever. In fallout 3 I have 8 manual save points and 1 auto save point. So I can load where I want to just in case something happened that I did not want to happen.

DRiX2822d ago

As an RPGer I disagree. What if I can't go back because I missed something? However, it should definitely be an option in all games.

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The story is too old to be commented.