A PSP2 Without 3D - Is That Good Enough?

Designing a handheld game console, especially if you are Sony, is a tough call. You will have to come up with a device that challenges the dominance of Nintendo's DS and Nintendo's already legendary talent to attract consumers of all ages. True to Sony's approach, the PSP would have to be higher end than the DS. There is also new competition from the side of smartphones, devices that are now selling more than 50 million units every quarter, if we look at Android and the iPhone alone, and have the clear attention of developers.

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DeeZee2821d ago

Yes! It really doesn't need 3D, let Nintendo do what they do best, while Sony tries to give hardcore gamers the most powerful handheld ever.

pain777pas2821d ago

No need for 3d with the specs of the NPG. If the specs weren't so robust many would complain. If Sony price this thing right, I will be in love with the NGP even while at home let alone on the go. Watch TV and play whatever.

AndrewRyan2821d ago

I really hope they support this more then they did with the PSP! :(

Anarki2821d ago

A psp needs 3d now because the 3ds has it..... 3d on a handheld is just wrong..

DatNJDom812821d ago

So when PS3 does 3D its bad, but when PSP2 (NGP) doesn't do it it's bad too. Jesus Sony just can't get a break this gen huh. Gotta love the unbiased media./s

Imtey2821d ago

The novelty of a 3d screen might wear off after a while, but I could stare at dat 5" OLED screen all day...

gamingdroid2821d ago

"So when PS3 does 3D its bad, but when PSP2 (NGP) doesn't do it it's bad too. Jesus Sony just can't get a break this gen huh. Gotta love the unbiased media./s "

When 3D is done on a TV, it requires people to buy a new TV (again), extra pricey glasses and wear those darn uncomfortable glasses.

Adding 3D to a handheld should require no glasses and minimal added cost (approx. $50 max).

The former, very few people can enjoy, the latter everyone that upgrades to the new handheld will.

pain777pas2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )


If you listen to the Giantbomb cast this week Vinny states that the major issue with the 3d is that it is wholly unnecessary because when you use stuff like the motion control it disturbs the 3d effect. For example he stated that when you want to use the OOT slingshot because of the motion controls you naturally move the DS to make the shot. In that case you will probably have to readjust the system again to get the 3d effect. He says that the handheld is still great without 3d because of the games and possibilities with the cameras for AR stuff. I know that I for one am not getting the handheld for 3d alone but the lineup of games is promising.

blitz06232821d ago

So before these people said 3D will be a huge failure. Now that the PSP2 won't have it, they're saying it may not be good enough? You can never understand these journalists...

gamingdroid2821d ago

You design the game around 3D... so you won't enable 3D at parts when you need motion control. Problem solved.

Adding 3D is not an all or nothing. It is optional for dev to use if it fits their need....

Lord_Doggington2821d ago

@pain777pas, yes i heard that episode too. basically if you hold the 3ds at an angle that isn't quite perpendicular to your eyesight, it doesn't work. Which is really bad for people who like to casually lounge around and play, or people who like to play on airplanes.

and to those who say the 3d is optional, if I can't play in 3d on my 3ds, then why am i getting a 3ds...?

Theonik2821d ago

Hey! The PSP library was fine >:( RPG heaven.
Well 3D is a totally useless addition imo. It should stick to cinema and TV. I don't really see the point of 3D on a tiny low-res screen.. Not to mention that it introduces more problems than it's worth. (devs have to decide between 3D, using the touch screen for the main interface or using the motion controls which to me is daft)
I am getting a 3DS but 3D stays off.

rockleex2821d ago

Doesn't need it.

But I'd love to view and take 3D photos or videos on my NGP OLED screen. @[email protected]

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phatak2821d ago

you know y nowadays alot of people like sony?? well they did b4 too but more so know compared to like other comanies is because of who they cater their gaming 2. Now with microsoft focusing on kinect and nintendo as it is focusing on 3ds, whose the only company left?? sony.
Yes nintendo gives us the odd harcore mario and zelda but what id the gamer doesnt like motion ? he doesnt have an option. But for ps3 sony is balancing hardcore with casual unlike microsfoft who it seems is just focusing on casual. Money talks and if Casual gaming is the future, then every1 will just focus on making casual games. Its like every movie being a toy story or a wall-e. Thats y sony is getting rrespect is because of their variety in games and still supporting the hardcore gamers which presumably most people on n4g fall under

ChineseDemocracy2821d ago

To be honest, I could care less. I'm buying the PSP2/NGP regardless.

tmt3452821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I'm GLAD it isn't 3D. If it was 3D it would have terrible viewing angles which are very important in portables. Sure, you could turn it off, but then all you can think about is how much better the game could have looked if all that power being used for 3D wasn't wasted.

StbI9902821d ago

^ Exactly, shame looking at how blind nintendo fan are letting themselves bag up on all this gimmicky bullcrap.

The best for nintendo though.

DrRichtofen2821d ago

If it can run Uncharted and other fantastic games like it, I say Nintendo you can keep your 3D

theIMP2821d ago

You know what I feel the same way. They can keep it off the PS3 too as far as I'm concerned. I do find it funny that a lot of the same people that hype the 3D feature of the PS3, are the same ones saying it's a gimmick now. I do understand that this is a handheld, but I still don't see why it would be a gimmick on this and not on the PS3. #d is a gimmick any way you flip it.

Masterchef20072821d ago

The difference with the PS3 is that 3D is optional. The quality of the game only degrades when you have it on. So you dont want 3D and want better visuals just dont use it. The same cant be said for Nintendo because they are oblegated to include 3D with every 3DS game.

IHateYouFanboys2821d ago

Lol 3D is ENTIRELY optional on the 3DS, it's got a slider that goes from no 3D effect AT ALL to full on 3D. You could play a 3DS for years without ever seeing a single second of 3D.

Like a few others in here, I'm having a good old giggle at the regular Sony fanboys carrying on about how they don't want the "gimmicky" 3D on the psp2.......yet they love to try and say the PS3 is so great cause it does 3d (even though the 360 does it too, they just think it doesn't lol). Keep up the good work guys.

IMO 3D is not wanted/needed on tbs yet, but would be cool on a handheld as you always view it up close and you don't need glasses.

kneon2821d ago

I find it funny that most people that rave about the 3D on the 3DS have likely never tried using a handheld device with a 3D screen. I have, it's interesting and it does give a 3D effect. But you have to stay at the correct distance and angle to the screen. Also because it doesn't fill much of your field of vision it's not that impressive.

I expect the novelty of 3D will wear off pretty quick on such devices. The first device with such a screen that I am aware is a mobile phone from 2003. There were others as well, but after the initial hype no one cared.

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TheLastGuardian2821d ago

I was hoping for the PSP2 to have 3D but I'm still buying one regardless. What I've seen of 3D gaming really impressed me. I was hoping PSP2 would have 3D so I could play games in 3D without having to buy an over expensive TV. I'm surprised the PSP2 doesn't have 3D considering how hard Sony is pushing 3D in their products. Maybe there will be a 3D version of the PSP2 later on down the line.

StbI9902821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Have you heard that both tech "Touch screen, 3D effect" can't get along very well? I mean sure, how will it be possible to grap the exact spot when the 3D effect is ditching the precision from your eyes?

That, nintendo themselves already stated it, Plus the battery this tech drive off would make the whole experience underwhelming, I fallow what sony said & went with, this tech pertain to Tvs for the while, but obviously(When the tech get sharpened enough, expect some revision),


5" Oled/touch scree > 3D as a whole.

meetajhu2821d ago

Wow 3ds has no features compared to NGP and still just 1 feature lacking(3d) PSP gets bashed by its competitor. Talk about flamebait articles. 3d is good experience but not for hardcore games like battlefield or call of duty.I think NGP surpasses in every department Sony did the right choice.

PS3n3602821d ago

Did you read the article? The author states this is the best product sony has released since the original playstation. Try getting past the title next time.

meetajhu2821d ago

yes i read it. But still i'm just pissed with this Sony didn't use 3d in NGP why can't people get out of it already.

StbI9902821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I believe this is the best product after the take down of ken and his stroke of bad decision which made the psp/ps3 a total fail when they launched.

The guy was a mastermind, then out of the blue almost destroyed the brand, Kaz has really stepped it up, and hoping for the NGP to be a global success (which is more likely to)

@Kon...And your point I presume is, Quality < Sales?...shame

Nintendo this handheld generation idea = recycling Last gen's + 3D "How much will this 3D buzz last?, 1, 2, 3 years? let alone 5? doubting the dual screen is any innovation by now.

Sony this handheld gen = For effectively everything in the mobiel/portable gaming market (Nothing assure that will be successful, but more effective than the nitendo's approaching).

Which idea seem way compelling?

ComboBreaker2821d ago

I know. We need other type of articles too. You know, like...

"A 3DS Without Dual Analog Sticks - Is That Good Enough?"

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Motion2821d ago

Is it confirmed to not support 3d? I only ask this because it has an OLED display, which I assume can support a high enough refresh rate to work with sony's 3d glasses. It may not support glasses-free 3d, but I think the ability for some form of it could still be there.

thugbob2821d ago

Sony doesn't need 3D, but it does need it for sales.

It appears to me that consumers like to flock over to the most innovative gadget. Everyone got the wii because it was the only console with motion controls. Now everyone is flocking to Kinect and 360 because it's the only console with motion control-free gaming.

Soon everyone will flock on to the 3DS. Sony might lose the handheld, market because it does not have 3D. The only way I can see Sony compete is if the PSP2 cost $200.

visualb2821d ago

its all about the games and the marketing (that includes price =)

iPad2821d ago

As much as I love 3D, 3D in a handheld is a fail.

No matter how you put it.

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YES! who would put incomplete technology in to their hardware excluding Nintendo?

Kon2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Funny because the 3DS will outsell the PSP2 even with an "Incomplete Technology"...

@below They probably will, the PSP2 is a huge advancement over the first

remanutd552821d ago

it probably will but i seriously think sony will do much better than they did with the psp and that will be good for them

phatak2821d ago

as long as the games r the best, im happy and wouldnt give a shit bout sales

remanutd552821d ago

at Phatak i couldnt said it better myself man , finally im gonna get the gaming portable experience that i have always wanted !!!!! cant wait i hope Uncharted , Little Big Planet , Little Deviants , and either Killzone or Resistance will be part of the launch line up !!!!

sickbird2821d ago

@Kon yea and Honda will sell more cars this year than Ferrari, whats your point?


How do you knwo that, from what I'e seen so far Nintendo has no idea where the market's heading which is just sad.

At least Sony's covering both Smartphone and hand-held gaming markets.

TheLastGuardian2821d ago


Exactly. Nice analogy. You get what you pay for.

digitalivan2821d ago

Nitendo has become more like Apple (read: gimmick) of handheld industries.

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Rudy_loves_Akuma2821d ago

dont need 3d lol.....its just a nice addition to gaming thats it!

jizzyjones2821d ago

Not everyone can see 3D and it gives some people eye strain ect, so im thinking YES.

RyuCloudStrife2821d ago

its not like nintendo is forcing you to watch 3d u know that right?

jizzyjones2821d ago

But then its just a DS with better graphics

Masterchef20072821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Plus the 3DS main feature is 3D. How can you justify a price of 250€ if you cant see the games in 3D? They should have a 3D and a non 3D version of the handheld.